WIP + Critique // First Ever Matte Painting


Hey Everyone!

I am a VFX student at Vancouver Film School, and my goal/passion is matte painting. I am currently working on my first matte painting ever to be put into my demo reel…which ultimately and eventually will help me get into matte painting for film somewhere down the line.

I am posting my WIP and would love to hear any feedback whether it is in terms of composition, lighting etc. Any help at all I’d greatly appreciate it!

For the record, the camera movement will be a straight vertical shot going up about 40ft. I have tested the image onto geo in maya with my animcam and it is looking great so far. I’m just looking at this moment for critique on the actual image itself.

Thanks again! :slight_smile:


Original stitched image (more or less)



Right on.
VFS is a great school and if your reel turns out well, you are in the heart of VFX in Vancouver.
As for your shot, I find it currently quite boring. Your perspective is on and you seem to understand depth haze but everything is too much by the book. What is the objective of the shot?
The other thing I am bumping on is colour. Your plate is quite rich but your added-on elements lack that liveliness in my opinion. Especially top screen left.

Being a Matte Painter in the film industry is currently undergoing a few technical changes though. I’ve created a tutorial that you might be interested in checking out. It addresses the job of a DMP in today’s industry and will hopefully help you get closer to your goal.