wip creature head test


a few minutes here and there, playing with the renderer.

no displace and using procedural textures (AON) and radiosity:

displace started, no radiosity, SSS with the basic shader:

I have a hard time with the basic shader along with radiosity and shadows…
CC welcome.


Looks like you need to crank it up more. Freaky models though. Thanks for sharing.


looks good so far. remindes me of the money man in the short Bingo.
keep em coming :slight_smile:


reminds me of the creature from dogma…


Which was done in messiah.



the things you learn, i tell ya :wink:


tks for the feedback I will continue to add detail and tweak some parts.
Another render with the custom shader along with procedurals. No radiosity yet. no painted texture.
I have color corrected the image in Photoshop .
PMG any chance for some sort of surface backer in the next update ?


no way!! are you serious?


Dogma was one of the films that we developed messiah during. And specifically, that’s where messiah’s Melt effect came from. Taron did those Golgoth shots. I used messiah for the flying Bartleby shots I did.



never saw this film.Have you a few screenshots ( and some with the rig in messiah) Fred?


Well I’ll be dipped in buttermilk!


and called susan?





props for the dogma effect btw. Had no idea, do you guys have a list of where messiah was used?


SSS(basic shader) and radio test.No displace.


basic shader + radio. very long render time ( 1 bounce , 5 sample gi, AA lvl3 0.015 ).
a little bit of post => “layered hdr” for contrast.


what are you considering a long render time to be?


I have render the image over night on my 2.6 p4. the render time was around 3 hours but messiah is not reliable at all regarding this information (in my experience). pregenerated polys lvl 2, I have used the ZB model (subdiv lvl 1 -> 17000 quads) as a base.
Another thing, I have used only 1 displacement map ( face part. 4096x4096. you can see the seam). I am not sure if there’s some displacement on this image ( bump only I think ).


3 hours is a tad long. I’ve achieved much better times(less than 1 hour) using displacement mapping with Lightwave’s renderer using a similar machine.


Well considering Taron’s amazing Z-brush work renders in around 2 minutes a frame. . . 3 hours is. . . Something is wrong.