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Hello All, I started on this creature late yesterday and would like your feedback on it.

I have gotton to a point where I am not certain as to what I want to do with the anatomy of it. I am kinda stuck on the forearms and toes.




Here is where I am currently stuck. I am not sure what to do for the forearms and toes. Ill have to examine the anatomy of some creatures.


I worked out the legs. Here is an update:

Does anyone have any suggestions? Next I am going to put the face in and also add some ribs.


I worked more on the legs today. I am trying to work out a convincing anatomy.

Please let me know what you all think:


nice begining, put some more (biger) muscle on the lower legs, now its bone whith alot of skin. maby do fure in the same area, like fure thats starts on the top part of lower leg.
i think it needs a head now so you get a felling of the caracters nature. :thumbsup:


Thanks for the ideas, I am going to do some research this weekend into the muscles. Even though the character is make belive I want him to have realistic anatomy.

I will work on the head next, because it is the only thing that I do not have a good idea of what to do with. I am hoping the form will come out of the model as I start to work on it.



I worked more on the body, does it look more muscular now. I am definately going to work on the head now to see what kind of character this guy has.


interesting begining! its front legs look like pants at the bottom.:slight_smile:


Hmm, do you think that is a good thing or bad thing? I am open to suggestions on improving everything.


Good work, i especially like the muscle definition. Did you use a reference? Some crits: The lower part of the front leg shouldnt be that thick. Can’t wait to see the face if the monster! :slight_smile:


Hello Dan0891

I have made this creature up from ideas in my mind. But I have also used reference of animals so that I can create anatomy that is believable. I am also taking an animal drawing class on the weekends and that is helping me alot too.

Ill try to thin the forward arms a little and add more muscles into the forearms.


great start!

i really love the style of the legs
looking promissing!

keep it up!


hi there,

it looks like a good start. the proportion of the model is pretty interesting. keep it coming! :slight_smile:



can not see:sad:


Hello Guys,


I think that you should be able to see the pictures now. It is funny they dissappeared for me too. I think that the company that hosts my website must have been backing up files or something. Because for a few minutes last night, I could not get to my website.


Thanks, I worked out the proportions in some sketches before I started modeling. The front legs have turned out a little larger than I imagined, but I think it is kinda interesting. I hope they dont look silly that way.


Thanks, Ill keep working on them. I think that I need to make some more muscle definition in the forearms. But next I will work on the head.

I am curious to see what his face will look like. It is the only part I have never been sure about!! So, I am hoping that the face is already there and I just have to free it from the polygons. Like Michelangelo did with his sculptures :slight_smile:


Hello Guys,

I started working on the face. What do you think of this?


its looking really good. I like the basic form and muscle structure/detail. So far as the hoofs, maybe a lil more smoothe of a transition into the legs. I cant wait till the face detail comes along…lookin great


Thanks for the response willow. I didnt realize who it was till we talked the other day.

Here is a current render of my guy now. Just need to add some horns and then I think I am done with the modeliing.


I just uploaded a tunraround the file is qt and 8.3 megs: