WIP - Cliff part1


I’ve been lurking for a long while now, thought that I’d poke my head above the parapet and listen to the sweet whizzing sound.

This piece is pretty much finished. There may well be some tweaking still to do, but I’m too blind to the piece now to see it.

All crits welcome.

QT - Sorenson3 - 1.8mb

Wegg - Happy now?


About bloody time. . .

All this damn tallent hiding under the covers. With your little frilly white dresses and innocent smiles. . . (where am I going with this?)


nice progress on this piece sam

the acting is spot on, I might add a little business where he goes back and kinda tries to run and jump chickens out and then says forget it… but overall I really like it

-David Rogers


Thanks guys -

Well, it is “part 1”… There is something quite similar to what you suggested planned for part 2…


When my eyes stop blurring…

“Oh and I think Wegg is the best moderator in the world and should be given a Trophy. Two infact. . .”

Except when he edits comments like that into my posts. Then he’s just a nutter with a hat and a hammer. A nice one… though.



I’m looking forward to seeing part 2!

Very expressive animation. The body language is really clear.

One suggestion: After he decides to back away from the edge, I think he ought to take a hasty step back BEFORE he turns his back to the cliff edge, and becomes all relaxed. That would show that he has a proper regard for the danger of the cliff edge. Make sense? :shrug: (If not, pleaze ignore.)

What sort of rig are you using here? Anzovin, by chance?


Carl Raillard


Welcome Sam, :slight_smile:
I’ve already subjected you to my thoughts on this terrific piece in another place, but I was wondering, are you using action walk cycles here? If you are, the transistions between them is undetectable.


I could almost “hear” him / it grumbling on his way out at the end, just something about that
left arm position reminded me of one or two grump grouchy characters I’ve met…

A slow shake of the head from talking-to-yourself could help more. But pay no attention to me…
I’m no animator! :slight_smile:


Yep - It’s TSM all the way. From the “heel raisers” to the spine setup… it’s a rig I’m extremely comfortable with. You’ve just got to love the way that everything from the torso up maintains it’s own rotation…

Nope. I find it far easier to just build that stuff anew each time rather than having to fine tune all that blending. I find it also allows for more character and variation… Hopefully I’ll get more brave about really starting to vary walks as I progress. I don’t know why I’m telling you this though… I remember learning the benefits of this approach from reading a post of yours from the list!

Thanks for noticing! This was one of the hardest things to get right - having the arm “hang back” from the body’s turn for just the right amount of time was hard. Too little and the attitude didn’t read, too much and he became too feminine - it went from “aww, forget it!” to “talk to the hand!” - It was sassy, but didn’t quite fit.

Thanks for the comments guys. This place ain’t so bad after all :slight_smile:


Wow Parlo, nice work. This inspires me to try a short comic peice. I hope we get to see more of your work.


Fantastic animation and camera movement… cant wait to see more!


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