WIP: caustic vase


I just played arround with the caustic settings

crits wellcome


ULTRACOOL! One of the best glasses i’ve seen in my whole life!! :thumbsup: :buttrock:


Are you sure this is a rendered image :surprised
If so, well done, you got me fooled. :applause:


Very nice indeed!


wow, that’s caustics at its best !
never seen anything like it !


Just Beautiful!! Would you please post your settings??


… sorry boys!

it´s a photo
a fake, joke, a digital trap … sorry :?)
when I saw this scene in the livingroom of a friend, it remindet me emidiately of one of the highend caustics scenes some people arround here working on.

klick … one little photo and some photoshop and allez hop into the cinema forum

thanks everyone for your replys
you really made me laugh
but this also shows us how highpitched computer grafix are today. even freaks (if I might call you so) can hardly see a difference between real and digital anymore

keep on faking


raises waving hand for the ban :rolleyes: :smiley:


Not cool dude


hope you have some humor :thumbsup:



Ok here is the challenge to us all now. We need to make that in CG.


Dude… Yellow card! :shame:


i agree with fxgogo this makes great challenge for cinema caustics, lets see who can do a awsome copy of that pic.



There was alot that gave that away as a foto, but dude your not funny. This is twice now, one more time and I’m going to fly to Austria and kick your ass…


What were the give-aways…?

I actually thought it was a CGi, and not even a very nice one, even as others apparantly dissagreed.

I still don’t think it looks realistic, except for the caustics…

Weirdness, I know… :hmm:


I have a great sense of humor, but this is just not something i find amusing at all:shame: :wip:


Originally posted by fxgogo

Ok here is the challenge to us all now. We need to make that in CG. [/B]

Gareth!!! you’re the bastard :smiley:
Now I’m gonna have to give this a shot… I have 2 work assignments, two characters in the works, a tutorial to write, a child to raise, a wife to love and please, groceries to buy, bills to pay, grandparents to call, shelves to dust and a ham to cook and slice… BUT NO!!! I have to model and light this stupid vase… you sir… ARE the bastard. Maybe if I don’t think about it for a few hours I’ll give it up.


Originally posted by xeno
I have a great sense of humor, but this is just not something i find amusing at all:shame: :wip:

I think it’s quite funny, what’s wrong with a prank every once in while.

Losen up, no harm done as he eventually adimtted it was just a prank…



haven´t thought that this causes such a rumor.
…yellow card…bastard…ban…kick ass…

listen people - I kept the joke alive for one hour. it´s not that I won a cg-talk award with a fake image or gained money out of it. so keep it down on the ground.

for sure it would be uncool if this would constantly happen and if one must doubt every realistic image coming in. but as far as I know this place, this never happened here before (or does anyone know another case of haevy-faking in this forum???) - so give it an originality bonus.

or if you dislike it than enjoy doing so



its expecially not cool that you also told everyone that you won the XL that ila_solomon is givin away.

Stop with the joking its not funny