WIP: Castle


Hi, because of the problem cgtalk had, my wip is lost… So I post the last image… I changed it a little… change to area shadows, removed some birds, add atmospheric effect on the sky and changed the textures a little.

Do you like the texture. Maybe it’s a little too big? Maybe I should make a bigger mix map, so it won’t be too scale…



or maybe with a small photoshop work at the end, the texture will look more small…


this is lookin really good, its almost finished front page quality
but like u said, the texture on the castle looks to big
also the composition is nice, but a little boring, just a suggestion but maybe you could change the format to widescreen 16:9, put the castle to the left and extend the bridge out, just an idea but like i said it looks pretty good already


Amazing. Yea, make the textures a little smaller, thus adding more detailed look to ur piece. ALso, could you render a bigger shot (unless you have it already) ?


thx, I’m working on a new mix map to reduce the size of the textures…

I’ll try to post the update tomorrow!


captain_stinky: the final render could looks like this…
I don’t know why I can’t edit my post…

Widescreen Example


well looks pretty fat, but i’d alter the contrast, my the bright spots brighter and the dark spots darker, its too equalized at the moment, but it looks great!

keep it up!
(and yah, too bad cgtalk rolled servers back, I lost a thread of my own, and 30 posts)


Hi, I made 2 tests for textures… the first one is smaller textures than the last post.

The second is a test with blocks of stone. Some part are not at the right size, but it’s only for a test, to show what blocks could give.

Tell me what you think…

smaller texture

Block textures


much better, GREAT JOB !!! :slight_smile:


Chaosphere: you’re talking about the smaller texture or about the Block textures ?


I think that the blocks/bricks give it a lot of good detail that is missing from the original – makes it look built rather than extruded.


Originally posted by cohort
I think that the blocks/bricks give it a lot of good detail that is missing from the original – makes it look built rather than extruded.

I agree. The block texture is much better. Makes it look much more real (even though the original didn’t seem to miss anything).


ok, the block texture looks better… I’ll spent my freetime next week working on the new textures…

Maybe i’ll try Mental Ray too for renderer, maybe it’ll add something good to the scene.



The end is close!! :slight_smile:

I work on block (bump) textures… I change all the texture of the bridge…


great image. I´m really impressed! Lighting and atmosphere is very very good!


this is looking great
the stone bump works really well (especially around those round pillars near the gate), however the bump on the square corner to the left seems too harsh, the rest is brilliant and you shouldnt change the bump depth or anything, just fix that front left block up either by applying different settings just to that part or by editing in post production.

also i still think the lighting could be more dramatic (mainly more contrast), i edited your pic again (hope you don’t mind but i love playing with your castle in photoshop). This might be a little extreme but i think it looks more dramatic (i also made it more widescreen, it looks a bit funny because I had to stretch parts of the image)

hope i help


I agree with Captain Stinky - his sketch shows how powerful you can make this image with a little more work. Keep going! looking good!


Thanks a lot guys!

captain_stinky: I’m really glad you followed my threads and give some really nice comments! you have some credits man :slight_smile:

In the next update, I’ll add a layer on photoshop of Dirtmap made with Mental Ray. I’ll put the bump of the walls lower too… and after the final effects on Photoshop.

I’ll make a bigger image for the end, probably near 1500X1000 for the finished works section.


looks very nice, but u think u should work a bit on the base of the castel, the wall of the river?, now looks a mix of sand and rock, perhaps some harder rocks could give it a better feel


Long time I post an update. So here it is. I add a multiply layer of Dirtmap, made with Mental Ray. I made a bigger render. It’s still not finished, I still want to fix some things and take time to make something cool.

Sorry for the little bug in the top of one tower to the left. I have to re-render the Dirtmap scene…