WIP: Cartel Boss


Hey guys,

I’m on a small fun sculpt to improve my character skills and thought I might open my first WIP threat to get some feedback on this.
The final image will show a small grown, sort of funny looking cartel boss standing in front of two huge muscles.

I finished sculpting the bust, wich started as a speedsculpt after work. Now set up a quick basemesh for the body and tried a pose for him.

What do you think? Any major mistakes so far?
I’ll proceed sculpting and posing the body for now…


Here’s my awesome composition idea - its not too final though…


Not a single comment? :frowning:

I worked on the body proportions a bit and sculpted the clothing part of the body… probably still needs some rework - for wich I’m open for suggestions! :wink:

Soon I’ll move on to the hands…


Bah we need some updates first. like the cartoonish look to it. Did you paint over it or polypaint?


Hey, thanks for your reply! I painted everything in Mudbox, I decided to kick the texture though - since I want to have everything on one map and I remodeled a bit of the lowpoly head…

Latest WIP screenshot is out of marmoset, so sculpt, retopo and bake are pretty much done…

Any critique?

Proceeding with texturing now…


Diffuse texture looks strange. Can you render just flat diffuse texture and post it? Without shadows and shaders.


nice start … i guess that cowboy boots might suite him better


sorry, double posting :frowning:


Hey Christophe,

thanks! Yeah, I guess you’re right… I’m not shure if I want to go back there, but boots would have suited way better… I guess I didn’t want to overdo the “Cowboy” thing…

Hey, I’m just wondering since I never worked as a character artist: How do you guys manage the eyes on lowpoly models? I mean the need to be seperate, but where the headmesh and the eyemeshes are intersecting, I get quite some ugly edges that destroy the whole normalmap look.
I wonder how you guys manage that…

Yep, I agree, the texture looks totaly weird… thats why i dumped it. Besides the lousy texture, it was propably also a bad idea to take a screenshot with tonemapping and occlusion enabled…

Thanks for the replies so far!


Yep… just disable all that AO and don’t paint “dirt” in wrinkles. Skin should be pretty uniform, like it is in real life. Maybe color variation and stuff, but not like this. I also did it once, but back then we even didn’t have normal maps. So now just make it only in bump or geometry.


And another screenshot of the WIP texture in Marmoset… I dont yet figured out how to control specular and glossiness in Marmoset with only one map.
Right onto it!


Looks pretty good! The ends of shoes seem a bit strange, I would make them more usual shape (seems like it lost its form from wearing). Then the face: hos second chins seem too big for such a skinny person; the nasolabial fold seems too thin to me.


Hey, thanks! I just saw your reply - I will have another look at the things you pointed out, thanks again!

Today I mainly played around with Marmoset… Got these so far:


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