WIP: Car model: Citroen DS


Hi all, I’ve been working on this model for a while, I first started with Rhino and a set of blueprints from Suurland, turned out those blueprints were just traced from photo’s and adjusted here and there, pretty much useless. Luckily I found some illustrations that seemed to have better proportions, so I started over. Then I got frustrated with Rhino, which is where I am now, working in 3dsmax, polymodeling (sigh). Anyways, so far the results are much better than I was able to achieve in Rhino, hopefully it’ll remain this way till the end of the project :slight_smile:

first wip render;

btw, I render with Maxwell for those who might wonder.


I have a tiny update here, I’m slightly further now, most body panels are now done, i’m shelling them at the moment. I tried making tires but I need to try again, I messup up halfway the process :confused:
Next up are probably the headlights, they have been bugging me from the beginning!

render ‘improved’ in photoshop, resized from 1400xsomething


Hi Renzsu !

I’m very happy to see at least a DS here ! I tried to model one a few months ago as my very first car in CG…and gave up after a few weeks. Maybe it’s too “organic” for a newbie, so I’m now modeling a more modern one to learn. I really wanted to make one as this fabulous car was my first real car (DS 23 Pallas) when I got my driving license, 23 years ago…!
About your work : You are doing a very good job so far, especially on the headlights : even with good blueprints, it’s very hard to get the right shape. Congratulations !
I think you’ve got a little problem just behind the bottom part of the headlights (between the headlight and the wheelarch) : it looks a bit bumpy.
The whole shape of the car seems perfectly accurate. Keep in mind that the roof was removable and must be a separate part of the car !
Last : I wish you good luck with the rear turnlights : that’s why I gave up (partially), they are a real nightmare to model (at least for me).
Keep on posting updates, I’m really interested in your work.
P.S : excuse my poor english.:thumbsup:


FastForward, thanks for the compliments, glad you like the model so far.
I know about the problem areas you mentioned, I ironed out some of the rougher areas in the model and will focus on the headlight tonight I think.
I’m finishing off the main body panels in the meantime, I made the tires as well and I’m starting on some of the stuff that I need better photo’s for, so I’ll probably start taking some pictures of the DS parked down the block :slight_smile:
One problem I have is that there are quite a few versions of the DS, so I will probably in the end ask some people who know all about the DS about what model I ended up modeling after all hehe :slight_smile:

Here’s a wireframe of the result so far:

now that I take another look at it, I think I can probably just extend those horizontal lines in the front door panel to make it even smoother… there’s some strange curves in the real car there, it’s taken me a good few days trying to figure it out hehe


hi i´am just amateur, so it looks good.
i post it because i tryed to make citroen ds too
if you want get som inspiration))):cool:

final image(postproduction by shinnok)


looks nice, but you have bump at front


I remember that tricky area on the front door panel ! That’s what I meant when I said “organic” about the shape of the car. I ended up with awful triangles, adding polys and polys (see the -not so- low poly version I got !). I should have kept all panel separate as soon as I got the overall shape of the body, as you did. Too late.
I feel like giving it another try. Maybe in a few months.
Don’t bother what model you are modeling : if I’m right, there are just a few different bodies. I think all DS (or ID) with those headlights had the same body. The differences were in interiors, wheels, engines…


Alles, thanks, that’ll probably make it much easier to get rid of :slight_smile:

FastForward, I started out using those blueprints you used as well, but as I went along I found out that actually they are not blueprints, they are linedrawings made on top of normal photo’s. If you look at the model that results from the blueprints there will be many areas that seem to be wrong, especially the headlights.
I found some DS drawings (click) that seem to be much more accurate, they even match up pretty well when used as 3d blueprints.

edit: alter, I missed your post, nice DS :slight_smile: I like the mood in your final image. :thumbsup:


Ok I do have a very slight update, I promise the next update will be bigger than just a few minor tweaks.
I leveled the dark areas up a bit and changed the hue in photoshop to a more fitting retro sepia :slight_smile: Again resized from 1400xsomethingsomething.
Oh and whoever thinks modeling tire threads is fun must be deranged or something… :x
Rendered in Maxwell RC5

edit: ok I need to vent a bit of steam here, it would’ve been so nice if max 8 had a proper tool for sliding edges and edgeloops. I’ve been trying to mess with the new connect tool but it sucks pretty much. First of all I want to just slide an existing border inside (creating a new edgeloop in the process) with an equal distance from the edge… this seems to be STILL impossible with max without resorting to something as the polyboost scripts (which aren’t free of course). No, I have to select all the edges perpendicular to the edge, connect them creating a new edgeloop (and some nice tri’s in the process aaargh). Now if I want them to slide towards the edge, impossible, I can only move them up/down, not as in scale them towards the edge…
Ugh… anybody who has had more success with this connect tool and tell me how it could be done?


I hope I understood your problem : I more than often skip to Local instead of View in the Reference Coordinate System and it helps me A LOT to move/scale/rotate sometimes. Hope this helps !

BTW, cool update, it’s getting better and better:thumbsup:


FastForward, that’s not really it but it is a good tip anyways, I never use local coordinate systems actually :slight_smile:
What I would like to know for max 8 if there is a tool that lets me create loops from existing ones by sliding them, like in the polyboost plugin:

Probably not, but I find $96 a bit steep even though it’s a cool bunch of tools, I could just buy Silo for almost the same money :confused:
Anyways, it’s just a luxury problem, I can do it manually as well of course, just takes a bit more time…


A modeling update, a bit slow these last two weeks but at least there is progress hehe :slight_smile:

Some things I need to fix is the area around the headlights… I have too many loops there and , way too much work getting things smooth there. The edge between that panel and the hood needs cleaning as well, there’s a 5 sided poly there that is messing up the smoothing as well.
Furthermore I need to correct the panel covering the rear wheel. It should be curving around the side of the wheel much quicker, to make way for the bumper there. The corner on the back of the same panel should be rounded off, beneath the luggage door and those two rear wheel panels will be some smooth chromed bumpers. In fact, I pretty much haven’t touched that whole area yet.

The pictures:

Quick renders, I’ll start bothering with the pretty shader stuff when the model is done.


Very, very good job ! You’ve got it ! The rear turnlights are wonderful. Keep up the good work !:thumbsup:


Thanks FastForward, I still need to join it with the trim surrounding the roof but that’s the easy bit.
Working on the rear chrome bumpers and lights now, I think I will take some more pictures of the chrome and rubber strips around the door windows, I forgot those last time I took pictures and you almost never see stuff like that in detail from web images.


You know how you can say one thing and then do another? Well I got up and saw a cool image on cardesignnews.com that I thought might be cool to try and use for the model. So here’s a resized and photoshop modified render that’s still cooking. Obviously the model is still not finished :wink:

edit: render replaced by cleaner version


another update, more chrome parts added as well as the rear lights…
And I still need to clean up the area around the headlights… if only stuff like that wasn’t so tedious…


beautiflul work and nice progress so far!


Hi Renzsu !
It’s getting better and better. Only two things disturb me a bit : the back of the roof seem too flat to me, and the “bumper area” on the rear fender…I don’t know exactly. I had a look at some references and it’s very hard to get the right shape. I think it does exist several shapes, depending on the year. Good luck and keep up the good work !


FastForward, well spotted, those areas I do not have very good reference material off and it’s been bugging me thouroughly. Tomorrow the weather will be good so I think I will shoot some more photos of those areas as well as all the rubber trim and such. I have some plans for an environment, so after the model is finished it will take some time for it to show up in the finished section, although perhaps I can show the environment stuff in this thread as well…


nice work , keep it up