WIP 'Briar meets Gordon'


Needs some more love and attention, (especially the hair) but I thought it was about time we started showing some more WIP’s.



Ooooh! That is suave!

I love how her left hand comes to rest on his forearm, at the end, like it was a rock or a table or something. :applause:


Carl Raillard

PS: Show us more! Please! :bounce:


Really nice.

Can AM do light incident angles on gradient materials? It would be super slick to have a warmer slightly ambiently bumped color on the skin’s falloff. Give it that warm “skin” look. You know. . . like when you stick a flash light in your mouth and blow out your cheeks. . .

Oh and fix the hair. :smiley:


Wonderful Steven!

I’m not even going to consider critiqueing it!


I feel the same way. This is the sort of thing one dreams of doing, when one first gets Animation Master.


Carl Raillard


I’m no one to crit anything, especially superior work. But… what is it exactly that he’s looking at for his last head pose? He moves his head quite surely and it’s like he’s lost focus on Briar, whom he is holding. Is something appearing behind her?

Marvelous stuff… especially the work you clearly put ito their hands and fingers… simply great subtle stuff with both her and him in how he holds the lantern. :thumbsup:


Lovely stuff Pequod, but watching your work always puts me off the idea of trying to animate as I’d have soooo far to go…:eek:

Out of interest though, Briar Roses hair looks and seems to work great, did you mean Gordons hair? He still seems to have geometry rather than hair.


Thanks guys for the comments,
I had considered using a gradient material for the skin, but I think the colour maps would override it’s effect.:shrug: I probably need to place a couple of reddish bulbs next to their faces between the main shadow casting light and the cool rim light from behind. It always amazes me how it can take about a day or so animating this, but then, when I think I’m virtually done, I’ll spend at least another two days lighting and generally tweaking.

Gordon’s distracted look at the end is not intentional. When I finally record the dialogue, he will in fact be speaking, so I’ll more than likely change a few of his actions.

The really cool thing about this clip is the very simple dynamic bone constraint I placed on the lantern. This secondary animation is done automatically, absolutely no fuss involved. I wish I could say the same thing about the hair. :hmm:

Hooch, I kinda meant her hair, because I can’t control it. You’ll notice it passing through practically everything. I can animate the guides in the choreography, but that’s really messy and a last resort.
Yes, Gordon’s hair is still geometry and looks like a solid bit of chop liver when his head moves. I have since constrained the end of his hair to his back to stop it moving, but I guess I should consider giving him a version 11 hair job. :slight_smile:


Doesn’t the Dynamic Options box for version 11 hair / fur allow the hair to “be aware” of objects? (Object Collisions) I’m having enough fun setting hair in the modelling window - can’t imagine redoing it frame by frame if I ever get to animate…


Verry nice. I like the way he’s holding the lantern so daintily with his fingers. Briar’s hair might be passing through stuff, but it’s not really that noticeable - sure, frame by frame you can see it, but the clip only lasts a second! I hereby command you to consider this good enough and go make more!



I have programmed a Skin shader which does this red haze (actually, you can set the blood color) at light falloff on the surface onto which it is applied. It works quite well. But it is only PC and I know you use a Mac. I should send it to Dan for a recompile for Mac.


It might add a little to the dynamic to have Briar actually catch herself on Gordon’s arm rather than simply drop her left hand on it in the end - kind of brace herself and push herself back up a little.


Yves, you should send it to hash, no?
I would love to see some samples of that!
Mike Fitz


Pequod! Wow looks so cinematic!!! Do you have a fully written short in production or are these just to see how far you can go with the software?
Looks great!
Mike Fitz


Pretty cool, Stephen! Here are some things that came to mind while watching it…
[li]Gordon’s right arm could use a little more delay from his upper body…something to really show that the force of the shake is being driven by his massive torso. On a similar note, the forearm could use some offset from the bicep. Even a single frame would help to illustrate the propagation of forces from one body part to another. Same goes for his head…no sense of reaction to the shake movement.[/li][li]Something that’s not moving much during that shake, but which should be moving to some degree, is his pelvis. One of my co-workers and I were discussing how body parts get involved in various motions, and how it’s hard to really isolate movement in one part of the body and not affect even the most remote distant part. For example, I’m sitting here in my chair, and I can simply take a deep breath, and I feel my legs moving. It’s uber-subtle, but the movement is there. Everything affects everything else, so something as violent as that handshake should involve the hips in some way, most likely as one of the driving forces behind the shake.[/li][li]Several motions could use better arcs. One example is the path of Gordon’s hand as he first pulls Briar’s hand into the upward position before all the shaking. It currently arcs up, then right (in screen space), but then switches to do the reverse – left, then down – at the beginning of the first shake. It might work better to have the initial arc move right, then up, putting the apex of the arc more towards him instead of away from him.[/li][li]Another place that could use a better arc is the path of his head during that same initial pre-shake pullback. It feels very linear right now. If it were to mimic the arc of the hand, with the apex towards himself, it would feel more natural and interesting.[/li][li]Speaking of interesting, I hate to say this, but Gordon feels the least interesting of the two characters in this clip. His facial expression feels locked in place, and the overall motion feels a tad mechanical – not literally like a machine, but just lacking in the sense of his attitude and personality. Sure, he’s a buff macho guy, but even buff macho guys aren’t total rocks of impenetrable, emotionless tissue. There’s got to be some spark that leads Briar to take a liking to him, and right now, I can’t quite see what that spark would be. I have a hunch that the little head gesture he does after the shake could play some part in showing that spark, but right now it’s a little stiff and unspecific. There’s also no change in the face at that point to indicate that it might be a spark-selling moment.[/li][/ul]Gotta run. Keep up the good work, man!


Oh. I understand the confusion. I was refering to Dan Teidy at Hash.


Very inspiring! I know you said that you aren’t done with Gorden’s face animation, but One thing that I noticed is that he keeps looking directly at Briar’s face, even as he snatches up her hand. It seems like he needs to glance at the hand at some point before he takes hold of it.



I’m convinced that if you had just 2 or 3 clones, you could have a major animation studio on your hands. You have an excellent sense of mood and style in your work. Very professional.



Steven… never give this up! You are a credit not only to AM but to animation itself. I really can’t wait to see the finished thing no matter how long it takes.




Carl Raillard