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blend2max addon
Hello I am working on some kind of extended exporter.
In fact there are rather 2 scripts. One in Blender one in 3ds Max.
The main idea is to export mesh to OBJ file and some extra data to xml file.
In xml is data about objects(meshes,splines and cameras),coordinates and modifier.
All data can be easly imported in 3ds max, you must only select xml file.


video quality is not good, i will work on it
In that moment there are only 4 modifier which is being exporting(subsurf,mirror,solidify,smooth)
Renders are too show that geometry is practically the same in both programs. I am not good at it.

I am not creating my own file format I use OBJ which is standard and I have got textures
If I am exporting OBJ in standard way, pivot is in point(0,0,0) when I use that script pivot point of object is always the same as blender pivot point.

Object location,rotation,scale in 3ds Max are the same as in Blender

If I am exporting data which for example subsurd it is automaticlly exported whithout mod and in 3ds max is added turbosmooth(for example blender subsurf render level2-> 3ds max turbosmooth render iteration 2).

Curve is also exporting. You can have as many curve in one object as You want. Curve can be also closed.

Cameras lens is also exported so render looks the same. You don’t need to think about fov or camera coordinates

How it looks like?


THIS IS GGGGRRRRREEEAAATTT! I can’t wait in tell you finish it and release, I’ve been waiting for something like this to bridge the gap between Max and Blender.


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