WIP: Another head


I figured I should have a go at another head model while I still had the mistakes I did on my last one fresh in memory :slight_smile: The tris in the forehead will be quads once I freeze the object (it’s in Symmetry mode right now).

C&C welcome!



More wires.



That looks much better–nice topology. You might consider working on the nostrils a little. You have them going straight into the face instead of wrapping around under the nose as they should do.


Nice work!


Thanks both of you!

@AdamT: Thanks for pointing that out, I would have missed it for sure otherwise :slight_smile: Updated nostrils attached. Better?



Yep, definitely better although a little more wouldn’t hurt. :slight_smile:


OK, how’s this?



:beer: That’s it!!





this area looks a little deep to me…not sure whether technically i’m wrong or not though…but just visual point of view…looks ok on wires though…


Originally posted by flingster
this area looks a little deep to me…

It was a stray point I hadn’t noticed that caused a quite large indention there. Smoothed the area a bit so hopefully it looks better shaded now :slight_smile: I’ve also added eyebrows (swept splines).



Wohoo, another update!



It seems the ears are a bit small and not as well modeled as the rest, put some more work on them :slight_smile:


Originally posted by ThirdEye
It seems the ears are a bit small and not as well modeled as the rest

Yep, you’re right, they are reused from a much older modeling attempt. The ears were the only thing looking reasonably good on that mesh and that tells a lot about the rest :slight_smile: I will work them over later this week, see if I can beat them into a better shape somehow.



Started modeling his clothes. The shirt has some sharp corners that will be ironed out.



been watching thread from beginning but had no big comment/crits.
still non…just your basic fanboy post…in awe bud…keep it up.:buttrock: :buttrock:


amazing! i love it, go on! no crits from my noobie-side so far


Thanks both of you! And flingster: yippie, my first fanboy post :slight_smile:

Last update for tonight. The jacket (which will be tweed, by the way) will hopefully be finished tomorrow. I also tweaked the shirt collar a bit.



Superb Anders! Really wonderful work :o)


Hi Cartesius, very good model and topology. Though, what do you think about this? >>> (see attached image). Good work.