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Nice tip, Chagidiel! :thumbsup: I’m sure many of us will benefit from that.

BTW, I checked out your site yesterday and its awesome! You’ve got some really great characters there, and the “Your Are Here” anim in your personal section was very well done. :applause:




Originally posted by Chagidiel
[B]And ahh! About the wireframe. Sorry dzogchen… I ment to explain that, but forgot it when I posted the updates. Dreamwave reminded me.

What I do is set the patch divisions in modeler to 1 and then freeze the object (I do a separate object for making those shots).
In layout I check “Other edges” in the opject´s edge properties. Then I render in quickshade mode.
I was inspired by the nicey wire-renders shown from some max and maya creations and figured this way out. Strange in my opp, there is no easier way to do this in LW. :shrug:
In layout it would be neat if one could render in equivalent style of wireframe shade as a fourth render mode :slight_smile: Hehe… but I guess that is far down on the low-priority-list for 8. [/B]

thanx so much, didn’t know it’s that simple!
great man, you made A LOT of people happy! :thumbsup:


Very great character !!

at the beginning i thought he was little too simmetrycal, but in the last posts u enhanced a lot his expression!

leave him without pants, cause he makes really laugh as he is. for the eyes i agree that different colors would be fine, expecially if they are different from the general blue-white looking of the creature.:thumbsup:


Hello again people

I´m a bit surprised this wirething seems to be such a desired info, but I´m happy to be of help.

Steve Warner - Thank you for the kind words on my site. I appreciate that very much. Many people seems to be liking that little animation. For me it is of course a dear piece of animation, but it is actually a quite simple work… I like it mainly for how it illustrates the vastness of astronomit scale. :surprised

Now for the updates of my “thing”:

Here is what I have decided to go on. As you can see I went back to the flat teeth. With one new modification; my girfriend came with the obvious suggestion he should have one missing tooth. It suited him just perfect I think.
I continued all the way on Kretin´s suggestion for the eyes and shinked the left iris, and even scaled the right one up a bit. Thanks again Kretin! Haven´t made the morphs yet, but will definately do that!

The textures on the eyes are still the same, but they will be altered. Nemoid just came with a good point that it all would gain contrast by making them any other color than blue.


Came to think of it that I have not shown you his cute rear yet :wink:

Just for the sake of updates and the fact that this is a WIP-thread; here is the result of a SBD-test I did for the helmet-straps in order to set up everything correct for the rigging.
This is nothing special really, but I know MD-things are “hot” around here, so I thaught I could share it.
I used MD Metaplug to get the best result and keep the calc-time down. That is the way I will go on the vest for the final setup aswell.

Helmet Straps MD-test
[DivX 5.0.3 - 528 Kb]

I´ll keep updating as soon as I get time.



A little bit OT… but what has happened to the bouncy smiley?


Originally posted by Chagidiel
The textures on the eyes are still the same, but they will be altered. Nemoid just came with a good point that it all would gain contrast by making them any other color than blue.



different colors in models help to give a “chaotic” and threrefore more realistic look to a creature. in this case u have the helmet and the jacket, but in the body there is not smth so strange wich can impress the viewer.

try different colors and see what do fit in your model.

another thing could be that the teeth should have some yellow dirt, both in color, both at their base, expecially if u want a realistic aspect, but it works the same in unrealistic too!!:thumbsup:

P.S. definitely I WANT the bounce smiley again:buttrock:


Time for an update

This weekend I took the time to bone and rig the thing. It is almost done, I think… though whilst writing this I came to think of that I still miss controllers for his shoulders. I had it in mind when starting the setup, but forgot it. I will put at his shoulders and let the upper arm bones have them respectiely as goals. I will then turn on IK for the shoulderbones as well. I will parent the shouldernulls to a master that can controll both shoulders.

Anyway… hera are some images of the setup and bones. I tried to keep them as clean as possible, but these rigshots tend to end up messy… sorry for that.

If anyone has suggestions or questions, please let me know (this is still a WIP and I´m not that experienced with rigging… )

I wrap this update with a preview of the traditional arrangement of a walkcycle.

ANNOYING WALK - [DivX 5.0.3 - 1MB]

Don´t know if this is the style I will let him walk eventually. It will do for testing the rest of the setup though. Soo… up next: MD-setup fpr vest, helmet and weener (I haven´t tried that last thing out yet).


Very cool stuff :slight_smile: I love the MD test, and can’t wait to see the whole thing with MD…

Yeah the shoulder control like you’ve described is real useful :slight_smile:

Only other thing I’d suggest is creating muscle bones for the chest/pecs. Create a bone starting around the nipple, and targeting the deltoids/shoulder muscles. Then apply the musclebone expression. This will make a big difference to the deformation of the chest and shoulder area…


Kretin - thanks for your tip on the chestmusclething. Though… when looking at my thing I feel that might be work in vain. Mainly because the vest covers most parts of that area. I´ll keep it in mind though.

Did a rendered anim for the first time with this thing. I have now added the vest and the helmet to the walk. I´m affrad the walky motion did not quite suffice for a true MD-test… as you can see it doesn´t move around very much. But it works as it should, though.
NOTE: no extra penis-motion yet :slight_smile:
I will have to set up a little more wild motion for him to get the straps really swaying.

(an image from the render)

MD WALK [DivX 5.0.3 - 1mb] (make sure to play as loop… it is only 60 frames long)

I´ll be back!



Of course, you’re right, I forgot about the vest :stuck_out_tongue: No point in extra work for an area that won’t be seen…

Clothes look great in your walk cycle, can’t wait to see some more active motion.

Remember in your walk to make his torso/hips move left to right over the grounded foot so he keeps his center of gravity in the right place, especially in a walk where his feet are so far apart…


Hey Chagidiel, this just keeps getting better and better. :slight_smile: Thanks for keeping us posted!



Originally posted by kretin
Remember in your walk to make his torso/hips move left to right over the grounded foot so he keeps his center of gravity in the right place, especially in a walk where his feet are so far apart…

Too true! I will remember that in further animations. I´m just so scared of overanimating it, making him a JarJar Binks. But I guess that is a common fear with animators :slight_smile:
However it is best to go out wild and take it down from that than having to force it up all the time.

Thanks again for your support Kretin and Steve :wavey:


I wouldn’t worry too much about JarJar :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s pretty difficult getting that sort of motion with keyframed animation. Mocap has alot to answer for there :slight_smile:


I am not working as much as I would like with this guy… so it runs slow between the progressions.

Here I have started making motions with motionmixer (…or rather FOR motionmixer). This is the first one; the thing jumping and having fun. May need some adjustments still. It still lacks some moments of anticipation to make it as alive as I want it. But I´ll go ahead with other motions and get back to this one later I think.
Please tell me what you think about it guys :slight_smile:

Animations: [DivX format - v. 5.0.3]

JUMP - [1 MB]

To enjoy the flow of the softbody-stuff I made a slowmotion-version

JUMP SLO-MO - [1,25 MB]

I think I have set up the MD-stuff in a satysfying way. It all works as it should, except the penis-jiggle. Can´t get that to work out so I am looking in other directions now. Perhaps I should just wait for [8] and see how all of that might help me.


Oh… I forgot!

I have a little question for any somewhat MD-experienced dude out there.
It is regarding the “end-behaviour”-setting in the MDPlug/MDMetaplug properties. My problem is I can´t get the motion to repeat/loop as I is supposed to do when end-behaviour is set to repeat. I have tried this from all directions I can think of (changing dumpfiles and mdd´s and calced everything in different orders and what not) but it must be something that I am missing. The most annoying thing about it is that I know I have used this feature myself years ago and I know I got it to work!

However… my question would be; how should I set it up to make my MD-motion end up in a “loopable” manner, using the end-behaviour-feature?

I would be very pleased if anyone could straighten this out for me :slight_smile: The manual just tells me what the different settings do, and not how they should be applied to work (as far as I can see).





I don’t know much about MD but if i’m not mistaken…it’s not loopable is it? I could be wrong…BTW…great character…lots of style…great job:)


I can’t really help ya with the MD question either, but just wanted to say that this is really looking great…a very funny and appealing little critter! :thumbsup:


Really nice character design :thumbsup:


Woow Very annoying… I can’t keep my eyes of it! :applause:


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