WIP - annoying thing



Felt like showing a little thing I´ve been working on lately. Making this for no particular reason, other than just having fun modelling (and eventually animating).

Don´t really know what this thing is… It has ended up looking somewhat like a frog I think. The ambition has been to make a character that gives an annoying impression. So :rolleyes:… what do you think? Does this guy annoy you?

Any comments are very welcome :slight_smile:



Yes, he certainly does look annoying :argh:

Couldn’t really say why, he just does :stuck_out_tongue:

I like him so far though… perhaps you could give him some sharp teeth though - they might give him more of a gremlin edge.

For gods sake, give the little guy some pants!


yeah, I agree, sharp teeth would definetly add character! Good job regardless!:thumbsup:


LOL…I don’t know why, but I just want to laugh when I look at this guy! Nice job…he’s definitely got that wide-eyed, crazy look to him. :thumbsup: But, as Leigh pointed out…either lose the genitalia or give him a pair of pants…please! :argh:


Reminds me of another recent LW forum froggy character. What type of vehicle is he set to ride on?

Do frogs really have weeners?


Not quite annoying enough, he needs a cheesy grin and a mischevious look in his eyes. And don’t give him pants! Let it all hang out!.. But that does mean you’ve got another appendage to animate though. :smiley:

EDIT: And I forgot to say, great model! Can’t wait to see what you do next!


Frogs don’t wear pant’s …and that’s a God decision…

Excellent character Chagidiel :applause:


cmon guys. Frogs don’t wear pants.

You big city folks…:rolleyes:


Hehe. This one I absolutely love. Great job.


looks too cute, needs crooked inward pointy teeth on the side and a small spike horn right smack in the middle of his forehead, not too big but just enough to headbutt someone in the rearend :scream:


Apart from the whole wang factor, this is a really awesome model! Wonderfully efficient modeling, great texturing, and it does have attitude. Although I do think he could be a bit more mischiveous. :scream:


hehe thanks for the replies :buttrock:

Hmm… about those teeth. I have thaught about that (making them sharp) but went with these (blocks) when thinking sharp would make him too scary/agressive. It would without doubt put him in the gremlin-family.
Reading your words on it will force me to give it a try, though :smiley:

Regarding the eyes, takkun has a point (even though you might not have meant it literaly). I will have to do something about those. They are way too “sane” when I look at them now. (Perhaps I should make them different from eachother (?). “The Freak”-stylee)
Overall, his facial expression is too symetric as it is. but that will be handled when I get to make some morphs, I´m sure.

Chewey - He´s outfit is thaught to resemble the one of a biker. I have a plan to make him do a mime-act of riding a motorcycle.

And finally HEHE :bounce: telling from some reactions I think the absence of pants is a success (when it comes to annoyance). I will definately keep them off.
I´m hoping MD will do most of the work when coming to animate the little weener.

Hope to get time to make updates soon.
Thank you!



The costume looks cool, but I think he looks more annoying without it. The textures and especially the eyes look great!


give the frog some dang pants

thats just disturbing


He comes off more lewd and rude than he does annoying to me. Especially with him going free willy and all.


Very nice work.!

I like the design a lot!



This is super cool! ROFL. Kinda reminds me of Fritz the Cat.


Fantastic work. He’s great. I think he ooses annoying :slight_smile:

I love the clothing too. I agree the pupils/irises would be great a little asymmetrical.


i can see his weiner! :hmm:
very kewl, would look good with turbo waxy sss frogskin


Excellent model!:thumbsup: How did you do the wireshade?