Wip animationreel


I’m currently working on an animation reel. I still have to tweak a lot and add/cut some stuff.
please let me know what you think so far. thx.




For your character animation it is all very unnatural. Sorry to be the bringer of bad news but there is a long journey ahead! I am pretty sure you have a grasp of the software so now you need to train your observational skills.

For each movement take videos of yourself or someone doing the action. Use this as a basis for your animation movements and don’t consider anything finished until the action looks identical to the video.

Get some books on animation or start some courses to learn about weight and some life drawing classes are pretty essential. There are also some books specifically for drawing characters poses for animation which will teach you a lot.

All the best on your journey.


You really need to concentrate on making sure your characters are in balance, as they seem like they are about to fall over all the time especially in that strange walk.
The pole vault piece shows the most promise.

keep at it, animation is not easy



I strongly suggest you work on smaller scale animation projects to refine your core skills. If you haven’t already picked up a copy I recommend getting “The Animators Survival Kit” the book will give you every bit of knowledge you need to have phenomenal animation technique mastered in time.

A little more specific critique would be that as mentioned the movements are very unnatural. The torso lifting and lowering helps show convincing weight that the character transfers as they step, when you plan out movement in animation keep in mind what is physically taking place in the body of what is moving. There is a smooth organic movement that takes place in nearly everything we do so a jerky movement such as what takes place in your works so far is jarring to the viewer and unappealing.

Also here is a decent tutorial on animating a walk cycle that will help you understand the process of creating a cycle in real-time http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9N_sIBRWvY

Don’t let any comments or critiques bring you down either, use the information you find and keep pushing through. Also be sure to keep the community involved by sharing your progress so you get constant feedback on what you improve and where next to improve.


Thank you very much for the great feedback. I updated almost all of the animations. You can find them on the homepage of www.kevinsaey.be (my portfolio). Or just click the same link as in the original post.

Feel free to give some more feedback.


Imo I think it would be best if you picked one of your shots and worked on that a lot and updated your wip for it to the forum. You may learn more out of really focusing on one shot instead of tweaking things in all of them. Doing a vanilla walk cycle is probably a good way to start.

I think the timing and weight are a couple things that could use some work. I second the suggestion on the Animators Survival Kit book. Keep at it!


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