WIP animation need advice or comments!


need advice please, not sure what to tweak anymore



huh… the beginning seemed a little fast when they clashed swords, but otherwise it was pretty awesome.


Pretty cool, but at the end when the headless guy falls it doesn’t really look very natural. It’s too stiff, without any real overlapping action.

One problem is after he drops to his knees and falls to the ground his knees move forward, and it looks like he pushed himself forward with his feet because of it. The spot on the ground that the knees hit should be where they stay. I’m guessing you moved the body forward so that the toes would stay in the same place as the feet rotate out. But the problem there is that at that point all the weight of the guys body is on his knees, so the toes would be the part to slide back, not the knees.

Also, the way his arms move forward as he falls makes it look like he’s still alive, pulling his arms up. If he’s dead then the arms should just be overlapping action, hitting the ground a few frames after the torso, and they wouldn’t settle that far forward. And when he falls to his knees the arms just kind of stop and seem very stiff. Since the guy is dead and has no control over his arms they should swing back and forth a bit as he falls to his knees.

Finally, the last thing I can see to improve the fall would be in the way that the torso falls. As it is, the back stays straight the whole time, but if a lifeless person falls, he won’t be able to keep a straight back. The spine should start out straight while he’s on his knees, but change to a curve as he falls forward with the highest part of the spine being the farthest back. The curve should be at its most extreme point right when his pelvis hits the ground, and then straighten out after that as the rest of the body falls.

Anyways, that’s quite a bit of writing about one little part of the animation, but it seems to me like the most important part to get right. For the rest of the animation, I think it could help to have some stronger poses, but overall is pretty good.


awesome thanks guys :slight_smile:


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