WIP: Agfa Synchro Box



I have begun with modeling a camera this week. Its an old
Agfa model - the synchro box. Some are left to model but the
main objects are finished. I have also started the texturing.
Now I will model the small objects and controls.

C&C are very appreciated



hey that´s a good model with a nice texturing - so far! i´m looking forward to updates!:thumbsup:


Thank you Sad! Here are some updates:


Still alot to do.



bobtronic. I always like to watch your WIP’s, you have some skills.

You make all your scenes with 6.3?


HI bobtronic. This is looking real nice. the second pic where you have the stripping on really adds a lot to the pic. The rounding of the edges looks real nice. As for the inevitable (sorry if I am getting ahead of you - you are probably planning on this)- does it have to look so clean. I kept looking at it just thinking something is not right with the textures. A few finger print smudges if nothing else. Also have you tried the brown with a little more saturation to make it look more rich. I am sure you a matching the color but a little artistic liberties never hurt anyone. Great job.:slight_smile:


Thank you friends!

@geespot: I make all in C4D CE+. Sometimes I use Wings3D
but not in this project. and thanks again for kind words :blush:

@wilson3d: As you guessed right I will add some dirt to the
model. I will make it later if I have finished the modeling.
The most textures are not ready yet and more a guideline for
me. Thanks for looking and critiques.

ehm, almost forgot I have a new update. Here it is:


cheers, Bob


I have finished the modeling. All objects are ready and placed.
Now I concentrate on the textures. I like the rippled material
of the body so far. The front texture is not complete too.

Here is what I got so far:




Here is a new update, some changes in texturing.




looks great bobtronic.

The textures are coming on really well.

have you used a HDRI sphere for rendering? Or do you use a sky object
with a map for reflections?

Any chance of a wireframe?

Keep up the good work!



Good stuff Bob! :thumbsup:


Nice he can’t use HDRI if he is in 6.3 ;).

but really good dude impressive work.


Thanks for the comments! I use a big sphere with a texture
attached to it for the reflections. In this case it is reduced
version of the famous “kitchen.hdr”. No HDRI here. I made
some small changes on the model and the front texture.
Now I have to tweak the materials and to build a nice
enviroment. Here is a new render:


and still a lot to do :slight_smile:

cheers, Bob


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