[WIP] Adriana Lima Portrait, NEED Help and comments!


Hi, there this is my 2nd [WIP] for Adriana Lima, the original picture was a grayscale one, using Wacom Volito in PSCS, I need your comments please.

and here is the 1st Adriana Painting, incase you didnt see it.


its nice, just that, her face seems a bit twisted… the right eye is a bit too high, or the left one is a bit low, didnt notice at first, but now it bothers me a bit :slight_smile: nice though!


I think shadows are not well defined. You see, if light is coming from above, your model’s forehead would be more brighter, because of forehead shape. If you are using a photo as reference, be aware about volumes. Observation of volumes is the main point in making good paintings. So, still working on her. At last, she will be great!


Thanks jramauri and Andresh, I really appreciate this,
I will consider your comments in the progress,
I wish it will be good at last :slight_smile:
*here is the reference: click to enlarge


Hi, again …no much comments I see, do I have to invite??
anyways I made a little progress today and wanted to update it,
edit : eyes+Skin+Lips+light and shadows.
and sorry for the double post.

here is a jump:


Hey Ameer,

Just a quick crit for you (since you seemed to want one) ;).

I don’t know how ‘close’ or ‘realistic’ you’re trying to go for the reference and your painting per se…but I’ll try to give some points. :slight_smile:

First, one thing you might have slightly overlooked when you did the face with tone/shades and whatnot was that the shading on her forehead isn’t exactly right. If you look at the reference image and compare it to yours, you’ll notice that her forehead has more ‘flatness’ I guess you could call it across the part above the eyebrows, it’s not as smooth as you did it. (again, are you going for accuracy?)

Next, if again this is for accuracy–the look from her eyes is off as is her lips. (Seriously, I think the lips are perfect, but it’s a different expression than the one in the reference). Her left eye is perfect in my opinion to the reference, it’s the right that’s off, as the pupil should be up underneath the lid more. And the lips, they’re closer together due to the expression where her teeth are closed (instead of the slight parting you have which I think makes this piece better). :slight_smile:

So if accuracy is what you’re after, there’s my crit, and if not–seriously diggin’ the piece.

Awesome-ness. :thumbsup:


Personally I think it’s a very good start. Keep in mind the light is coming from upper right (her left) so…I would add more light near her right nostril. Broaden lips, add teeth. Add light on her upper lip (mostly on her left) (she has a very sensual mouth!). Try conveying the curve of her mouth (on her left) with some more shadow. remove some weight from her eyebrows at the center of the forehead. Illuminate some more her forehead…

…by the way ? what kind of brushes are u using ? can u give us some tech specs ?
Keep up with this good work!!!


Thank you alastairwinter , it’s weird when I tell that every time I start a painting it goes
realistic, even if accuracy fades, but it looks realistic, like that other Adriana Painting in the 1st post
, and I ask my self, how am I going to define that, and even if I did, will I be able to make it arty not realistic,
where you can see the brush works and the colors that away some from real? when I started this painting, I was certain that
it’s going to be realistic, but I figured out later that’s not, and I sayed that’s cool, in the begining I thought that what
defines this is the softwares we use, I thought that realistic comes only from photoshop and for example Painter goes for Abstract.
so here I dont know, maybe the color determine this? any ways I desided not
to go realistic this time, and I would not care for the accuracy and efficiency in matching the reference.
because as you said and so did Xillion that I made the lips looks better and more touching. and I have to fix the right eye and the forhead too.
anyways here is a test production, I added the teeth in and some hair, so do you think I diggin’ the piece??

I think too it’s a very good start for me, not just in this painting, in the whole digital painting issue, because I made alot of progress (thanks god)
since I bought that Wacom tablet, much in the CGTalk forums and since I’ve got that D’artisti book and I by the way I right everything that you said and other did,
because when I work in the piece I take with these tips and hints.
about the brushes I use, they’re the stander brushes in Photoshop CS or anyother version close to it,
but what helps the pressure which comes from the Pen, and change the size according to the area I’m working in.


I’m not really sure what you are going to achieve, but the result is pretty good. The ‘tatto’ is a nice touch. It looks to me like a good concept and it’s fairly similar to the original. I think you can achieve an ‘artistic’ result by being more rough, more instinctive. try giving you a maximum amount of time to complete the drawing, like, for example 10 minutes. working with ‘strange colours’ can also help you. if you are comfortable with realistic painting switch to the next level: study different forms of expression like cubism, tubism, impressionism, surrealism. i think doing the current sketch of the week would be a really good start! i think it’s also important that a piece of art should mean something. try to communicate something…beauty, calm, rage…whaterver. it would not be so obvious to the observer but it’s worth trying.


well, you’re right I have to swin into this field more and more, actually keep swimming, because no one is a Pro, Experience boxes will never finish, they are produced everyday, specially in this thing, I love art and I love it when it’s about expression, I will do alot more of art and practice more, I wish to make those landscape full of details paintings, I want to make stories in a 4 sides space, It won’t be about money, atleast for now :P, actually god has been with me all the way long, and it’s all about me now to make it, being in a faculty of fine arts helped alot, it’s right they never give us anything about computers or digital paintings, but it helped some how, sites like CGtalk is a blessing by it self, people like you help me and others and gaining eachothers experiments is a grace… wish me luck guys!
thank you


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