WIP 3D Character girl


Hello Everyone!! Im working on this character, I would like to know what you guys think. Im trying to make it look just like the drawing but I just feel from the front it doesnt really look like it. I do like it from the side, but still I think im missing something from different perspectives. What do you guys think? Is there anything that I should add/remove, maybe edit some part of the front? My whole point is too make it look alike. Thank you everyone!! I hope someone helps out!
Image Credits to: Mariana Avilez

         The front is what worries me, it doesnt really look alike, or at least it doesnt look appealing, what should i change?

         I get the feels that from the side view is looking good, but im still open to changes!



Haven’t seen someone start from polymodeling a character in a long time ! Kudos to you. its very good practice and learning experience.
When I need to match a concept exactly, I usually go into zbrush first because it is just a lot faster to get down the forms. I nail down all views then export that geometry as an obj, then retop it in Maya.
It is a method you can try.

For your question, from the front, it doesnt seem like the apex isnt hitting the right spot. So for example, your model looks like the lower cheek is more sunken in versus in the concept seems to be more plump and out.
Another example is the ears. The ears should be way more out.
Tricky thing about matching to a concept is that you need to hit all the apex points exactly where its suppose to be. If you dont, your model will always look off.


Thanks for your help HannahKang!! Been working on it and looks way better, and of course I will try your tips!!


Hello again! I’ve doing progress on my model, and it looks way better than before, or at least it seems to me :P. The face got a little better and looks more appealing, but still i feel theres something missing. Mostly on the mouth and lips, i feel its dragged in when maybe it should be a little more plump and out.
Any tips of how can I make it better? maybe drag the mouth and lips a bit further or how would you guys do it? Any help its welcome

Thank you!!

Thanks to HannahKang for previous help!!

                 Mouth and lips seem a little dragged in, what do you think?

                  Maybe pushing lips and mouth out a little?


I think the problem you my be running into is your topology. I suggest going into pinterest and look for topology on faces. There are certain edgeloops you need to hit to have good deformation later on for animating (which I’m assuming that’s what you want for later). I think the topology isnt flowing well so you see some pinches. Having a blinn shader on also helps you see what the surface is doing :slight_smile:
It definitely does looks a lot more appealing and you made progress so good job ! Hit those apex !


Hi HannahKang!! Again thank you so much for your help!!! :slight_smile:

Yes, the topology was horrible, but i fixed it! I already loop the face so it’ll hopefully work when I animte, but now that I added that, I cant give a good shape to the mouth especially the part between the nose and the upper lip, I feel it looks like a monkey or something xD. Anyway, I would appreciate so much any help you can give me… again! :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry is just that im no expert yet in animation.

Thanks for your help! Here are some images of my progress! By the way, what do you mean by Apex? (again sorry for being a noob at this xD)


Looks much better ! I still see some pinching but pay close attention to what your topology is doing. Did you try using Zbrush before? It will be helpful smoothing some areas up and using a Move Brush tool to push and pull some areas.

This is what I got from google.
Definition of apex : the top or highest part of something, especially one forming a point.
Apex’s are important to look for because it tells your the widest part of the area, silhouette and surface changes. For example, where is the cheek bone at the highest point. You ask yourselves these questions because where the apex lands, makes or breaks the exact look of the character or object.