WinXP: Stop apps from stealing focus?


I searched for this topic and couldn’t find it, so forgive me if it’s been covered already.

Are there any registry entries I can change to keep apps from stealing focus from one another? I remember trying one a long time ago that worked somewhat, but some apps could still pop to the front when they felt like it. Any suggestions?



in the task manager find under the processes tab, find the program you want to have the higher performance and right click and move the priority higher.

I think this answers what you are asking. I don’t know how to do it permanently though.



I dont think thats what he means.

For example, when you have aim up and you’re working on something in say PS or Lightwave, and you recieve a msg on aim, the window pops up and steals focus from your work. You could be in the middle of typing, or some other thing (clicking and moving points or something) You end up either typing stuff intended for a diff window on your buddy’s aim msg insted of your work.

As far as I know, nvidia’s drivers have something to handle this (kind of) … it allwos sloppy focus, allowing the focus to follow the mouse cursor. Alternativly some programs have the ability to turn thier focus stealing off (aim) but not all :confused:

You could also try and download tweakUI (assuming you have 32bit Windows) and see if that has any options for this problem.


TweakUI is the way to go.


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