Winter is coming


I use a very big main light, which I think explain the lack of proper shadows, that, & the environment light is too even & bright. I will try to fix that in next updates.

I have took the wintery condition in the past few days to take a lot of references pictures & make some observations. I think maybe again, the main light on the character is too big, I will make it smaller to see the effect.

Anyway, I have a question, I feel the contrast in the tone for the character is not sufficient, what do you suggest to give a good contrast in skin tone?


The reason I avoid lights on the decor is that I do not wanted the lights to steal attention from the character. Another reason is to give a timeless feel, is this Victorian time, or modern age? Having said that, the signboard is too cheeky to be of olden times. LOL.

I think with falling snow, the mood may improve, maybe. But I keep your suggestions in mind.


Thanks for the kind word. :slight_smile:


in addition. have you rendered a lambert like version with your current lighting? this is always a good way to see if the lighting works or perhaps the shader have problems. shaders can be a problem, especially when you shade under light that does not work.


some nice eye spec highlights would help and as you said a rim light to separate the char from the bg.

not the best example but they give it some life.


Hi, @ patrickrowan

Thanks for the links. I especially like the rim effect on the cute girl. I try to punch out some nice reflection, let me know it it works. Otherwise, I will look into try out more HDR images to try to get a good reflection.

I try to punch out more rim, but the effect seems quite subtle. Like I said before, I try to see if I can use snow as a way to divide the character & background.

Hi @ Kzin,

Good question, I believed I have rendered in simple material, but it was done ages ago, with old lighting setup.

I try to reduce the effect of FG, & I think the tonal level (less flat lighting) have improve a little. But let me know.

Hi all,

The snow is done in Maya snow simulation emitter. I add some motion burred to the rendering effect to get a camera perspective snow effect (as oppose to what you would be able to see with your eyes), like the snowing effect you would capture with a normal camera.

I hope to achieve a separation if the background and character, but not too much to the point of feeling they are from different images. I hope it works, but let me know.

I worked also on the hair, but sad to say, its heavily post work. But I think it looks better now.

As usual, please open in new window for full size

By the way, anyone know a good image upload site, let me know, Photobucket keep resizing my image smaller, & lower quality. I wanted at least 1920x1080 which is the original size of my image.

I also havce a problem, I run 2 monitor setup, & one show the image being too dark, the other too bright. Is it dark or bright on your screen. How to calibrate to get a accurate brightness display level?

Oh, & just to be clear, I am not making a young Kate Middleton. :wink:


looking nice, but it isn’t dark on my computer. about the upload how about Flickr? never used it but might be good.



On iPad image looks kinda bright. I love the scene, but i think letters needs some adjustments. It’s only few days to christmas :eek:



Hey, it’s looking good. The main thing that catches my eye is the fur. At the moment it looks very sharp, contrasty and slightly cold. Usually fur on hats,gloves and bears is very soft, denser, less contrast and friendly (if that makes sense). :slight_smile:


Hi PKD, nice image so far :). the only things that catch my eyes are the skin shader and fur. i think the skin shader can be better, because it looks a bit too smooth and shiny like a plastic shader. other thing is the fur in her hand glove looks a a bit similar with the bear.

Other than that i think its a nice looking image so far, i especially like the hair and the modelling of the girl itself. (oh maybe a bit atmospheric effect between the girl and the background to add a sense of depth? ) all the best to finish it for Christmas :slight_smile: :beer:


Now it looks better. I’d reduce the specular on the face, make the texture for the spec finally. And I’d change the color of bricks to something lighter and also some more pleasant color, something warm.


Thanks everyone form the feedback. Big news today, other than I survive the Apocalypse, I have officially finish this work.

I try to do as much as possible for the suggestions, obviously I cannot do anything drastic at this point in time. I hope you guys like it, & a very big thanks-

I finally calibrate my PC, & man, what a different.

I post it this time in flicker, let me know if you guys can see this image.Again, open in new window to see full size.

I will send this to my friends in the next few days, & try to submit into the still gallery, to share the festive picture, not sure if it will be rejected, but I will post the link to the full size image soon, in any case.



best of luck n looks great


^ Thanks bro,

Wallpaper size images can be found here.

Merry Christmas in English

Feliz Natal (Portuguese)

No text

Frohe Weihnachten (German)


I can make it in other languages by request, otherwise, just use the No text image to add your own greeting. Cheers.

I have submitted the image in the portfolio (a little disappointed at the low file size limit result in poor quality), & call it a day, & importantly I have send the image to all my friends (damn big list). Thanks everyone that have view this thread, & more thanks to everyone that have drop a note or 2, to help me improve, as well as word of encouragements to make me think its all worth it.

I have take a well deserve break now, & think about my next project, but for sure, I will post my WIP here again. Stay tuned!


Hmm, I have submitted the image for consideration for 3D still, but haven"t seen the image either in the gallery, or receive an email or Pm that the work is rejected, or maybe I forgot to check the submit box?

A little sad, as I hope to shared this image for Christmas to the community, but I guess the golden time have passed. Oh well. But at least all my friends receive my greeting cards in their email.

but I am on holidays now in Brussels now, & will give proper credit to everyone that had helped me along the way. I was hoping to do a proper one in the finished gallery but since it never came, I gonna do it here, after new year when I am back home, as I have limited internet access here.

Cheers, & happy new year everyone.


You didn’t submit the image to the gallery forum, you just added it to your portfolio. Having said that, I’d say your image still needs a bit of work, particularly on the lighting and shaders, as it looks a little dead, in terms of the tones you’re using. Images with children need to be carefully done if you’re wanting a very positive feeling from it, and bearing that in mind I think your image needs to feel warmer - I realise this is a winter scene, but it’s still possible to make a winter image that has a warm cosy feeling. CG kids need to look radiant and glowy, which is why Pixar kids, in particular, look so appealing.


I have multiple feedbacks, some said the image needs to be warmer, some said cooler. I personally think that Christmas image each one of us have in mind is a little different, so I went for a middle ground, & tune it, after also looking at many Christmas greeting cards, at least the ones sold in my little town. Even if you look at Christmas cards, you see differences, some are very bluish, some warm, & some you know from a “real world” perspective the lights are not realistic, but it looks great as a Christmas card.

The tones are also hard, I can make it a little more realistic, but then it will lose the painterly, Christmas card look. Its hard to find an optimum solution, Too much lights & more details & stuff, it can look too busy. Less objects in scene, maybe too plain. This is my first attempted at a Christmas image, so I am learning. One day I will wake up &, too much stuff going on, another day, too little, should I add more? I am bad, that’s why I am here & create this thread, so people more knowledgeable can help me. :slight_smile:

By the way, what do you mean radient & glowy, & how you suggest I can improve? I am all ears. You know, when you worked too long on something you start losing the ability to see the pros & cons.

Maybe I can see how I can still improve to make a better image (nevermind that Christmas is already over…), especially after a long break I have now, I can look at it from a fresh perspective. This is the first time a forum leader have commented on my thread, so I am taking this very seriously. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just kidding, I take all comments seriously, be it critics or comments.


There are many good things in this picture. Still I think your initial concept design (where you have 3 variants and with this background) was a bit more clear in terms of colors and tonal separation. Anyway, I’d take a good long break from this (not looking at once a it) and see it in two months. Then you could adjust it fast with fresh mind, as it’s mostly about lighting and some texture brightness adjustment, not that much anyway. I think you did a great job but need some rest. :slight_smile:
Happy new year!


Good idea,

I will relook at it after my Holidays in the tropics. Much need break as well.

Happy New year as well to you. :slight_smile:


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