Winter Escape / Coco's Paradise Inn, Tuomas Korpi (2D)


Title: Winter Escape / Coco’s Paradise Inn
Name: Tuomas Korpi
Country: Finland
Software: Photoshop

I painted this last year when I had some time off work, so it’s not very new but I think it’s still quite ok.

For a change I wanted to go with a more cartoony look with this one so I started out by doing some thumbnail sketching the traditional way by markers, pencils and inks, then scanned the rough sketches on my computer and started adding colour. I love the organic and somewhat wonky touch you get with traditional media that usually lacks from my digital sketches, so doing the base work with pencils and inks suited for this picture very well.

In the painting process the hard part was not to lose any of the flow and looseness my initial sketch had, but in the end I think it turned out fine. I had a lot fun with all the small details, boat trip maps, bar menus etc. Hope you like it :slight_smile:

I actually gave a short lecture of the whole process behind this painting (and couple others) early this year, so if you have any questions I just might have some material ready.


Excelent work, very nice style!


nice work!!! looks like an awesome place to be :slight_smile:


Turquoise water, white sand and a relaxed atmosphere… I wish I was there. I like the play of warm and cold colors here :slight_smile:


My new desktop wallpaper!
Thank you and good luck.


Fantastic work! great style and mood, I must agree with Malja I want be there too. :thumbsup:


Great style and colours. good job:thumbsup:


nice vibrant colors, vacation mood.I’m loving it.


great color work here, nice job :slight_smile:


Absolutely gorgeous Tuomas, the color, the composition. Really inspiring piece.


hey this is very nice indeed. vibrant and colorful :slight_smile:



Awesome work and very nicely detailed! It looks believable.


A very refreshing and inviting environment you’ve painted here. This is where I’ll come to suck on a few Malibus whenever the weather here in Scotland gets too dreich to bear.


Excellent choice of color man …good work

best regards :slight_smile:



Very good piece, I love the colors and the style


I can see what you mean. You do manage to keep the looseness of the painting, but this managed to get in a lot of detail and information (and color for that matter). It’s a beautiful composition that makes me want to pan view a beautiful, scenic beach. This makes me want to see more. Very tropical, yet cozy kind of atmosphere.

I like the hanging lights and the surf boards. You even have a person or two at the bar to give it some life. I love how you did the palm tree fronds (they’re my favorite part). Is the shack kind of slanted, or is it meant to look that way? Anyway, you did a great job here. It’s full of story, color, and details. Keep it up. A keeper for the portfolio. Wonderful painting.


Nice and warm colors,
just makes me want to be there instead of behind my desk with cold feet!)
Beatiful pic!


Aww great job. Feels good looking at this pic.


[b]Great art! i love your artworks and this one is so refreshing, sweet and pleasant…

Moika! :slight_smile:


Very beautiful Excellent light scene