Winrunner-lightsilvanas, Shayf Bizerd Chen (2D)


Title: Winrunner-lightsilvanas
Name: Shayf Bizerd Chen
Country: China
Software: Painter, Photoshop

try to draw a pic with another mode.& i like this hero in WC3 TFT most,so.really haven’t a lot thinking -_-!!!no words…


It’s nice. But I think you should work more with anatomy…


Heya Shayf,

I think there are alot of things you are doing right here, for instance the colors are nicely done and well chosen, albeit there’s a sort of strange texture to them which may or may not be intentional. In fact, I enjoy the character design overall. There’s a fair bit of culture and story in her clothing, and her face seems to have a personality about it. I get a sense that she’s some hard-nosed elf girl, but pherhaps with a sense of humor.

But I must agree with the previous post. My initial reaction to your drawing, was to be distracted by the anatomical innaccuracies. Finding the perfect proportions is difficult, but it is crucial to the drawing. To begin, I noticed that her feet seem a bit weak. As if her knees are sagging together, because her legs cannot support her wait. I don’t believe that she has a heel to her foot, as her legs seem a bit too “finger-like” or maybe even “tentacle-like” to me.
The arms really do work well, although pherhaps they may be too long, it is not distracting, and they seem to fit nicely. Her abdomen and breasts however, seem a little awkward. I think this may contribute to a slightly “man-ish” look which I’d like to bring up later. But her breasts sit a bit too wide, in my opinion. It is rather a complicated area in your drawing, because the way her cape covers this area of her body. Maybe her breasts aren’t too wide but the cape distorts this area, but I would recommend that you narrow the fleshy bit so that it lines up more with her neckand less with her quiver of arrows.
Finally, I feel a slightly man-like quality, but that’s not necessarily something you might want to remove. But I think that it resides in the eyes. Pherhaps it’s the lack of signature female eye lashes. Or it might even be due to some strength in her jaw.

In any case, I like the character design, there is a good bit of personality and some nice polish in her outfit. But I believe it would be greatly enhanced if you were to reconsider her slightly amorphous legs, and bring her breasts alittle bit more together.

Phew, it’s complicated. Good luck on you’re next drawing, I hope it’s submitted here :slight_smile:



thx for so much.yes ,that’s really hard for me to draw a whole body.i haven’t used my brushes&clorous for a longtime,since my college.en,many ti mes i thinkabout that ,whetheryou “draw” a pic or"make" one?that’s a self-defference.see you




HAHA,在这用中文好像有点欠打的感觉哦.我是看了sytzh那奔月的步骤,实践的.唉,我读设计的,不像学绘画那些同学,差不多两年没拿画笔了,真的力不从心,see you


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