Wings: welding vertex???


I try to model in Wings… before i use 3dmax… and find usefull Vertex Welding tool in EditPoly…
did have Wings tools like this??
Basic problem - a have 2 vertex in 1 place… and i need to weld its. i now about Slect - Short edges - collaps… but my 2 vertex do not connected by edge!!! 8( And I cant conect it quickly…
In the end… if i dont now all places in model there i have this problem but want to fix it… how???



Bridge the two objects together and then collapse the edges created by the bridge.

(To bridge: Select a face, select another face, bridge. The faces have to have the same number of verts.)


You can also select the entire object and use the weld-vertex command from the object menu. It will weld all vertexes in a defined radius.


hum… i had the same problem, but if i do that like makowa said, with the WELD button, then a lot of faces get lost.
there are big holes in the whole model. why that?

thx a lot


Show a picture of before and after.


a little to late :wink:
i got it with clicking “clean up” and “autosmooth”… when i click “WELD” now, it says “no faces to weld”. i dunno why, but the vertexes in the middle are connected…


You didn’t have to use autosmooth.


Is there a way to weld user selected vertices or can you only weld via the “clean-up” method?


no, you have the choice of doing things like sinistergfx sugested, via bridge>edge ring selct>collapse…

or as J.K.Makowka suggested, selecting the objects in object mode> weld… this said, perhaps if you choose the little box to the right of the "weld"command in the menu, you will now be able to adjust numerically, your prefered weld tollerances… for instance, if you are getting the “no faces to weld” message, then maybe delete one 0 from these tollerances, and give that a go… and if you are getting the faces deleting, then make this number smaller by adding a zero… etc… just play around with things, you will see…


“Connect” both vertice together then you’ll just need to select the newly created edge and use “Collapse”.


that seems rather cumbersome. Do they have plans to impliment a simple “merge vertex” command any time soon?


Well having closed geometry in wings3d,weld vertex isn’t needed that much and can be substituted by other tools.

Depends on what you want to do.


Object | Weld is essentially a ‘special case’ of Face | Bridge - it was never intended to be used (or capable of) welding individual verts - because of the way wings works.

Verts left selected after the weld op act as an indication of the extent of the faces operated on during its use.

One of its main intended purposes is to allow the user to (easily) bridge / join 2 separate objects that share a common face in intimate (or nearly so) proximity.

Under these conditions, Face | Bridge can also be used - but selecting the 2 faces to be bridged (if they’re in contact with each other) isn’t particularly easy (unless you use selection growth techniques, or store the faces prior to the op) - hence the arrival of Object | Weld onto the scene.

No need to select faces to be bridged, just select whole objects and press ‘go’ :slight_smile:


More info here if interested


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