Wings Users: Cool things you found in wings(that arent to obvious)


hey we should put cool wings shortcuts we find in wings in one thread here(sticky eh?) Maybe a tuts one to?

like this one that sheepfactory showed me

go to the tweak mode, and select a vertex

hit the 1 button now (hehe oops forgot to type this last time)

then use the “+” and “-” keys to grow its area of influence

It uses a magnet to tweak various verts near your selected vert.

Might be really simple but I thought it was cool.

now you go!


Good call king mob ask and you shall recieve :wink:

please feel free to post links to helpful info as well


The virtual mirror mode is wicked, Most of you probably know about this one though.
But for those of you that don’t it’s in the “tools” section…

Tweak mode is cool though KingMob. And I love those shortcuts for grow and shrink selection!


a tip for those who are new to wings:

Wings has one of the most intiutive hotkey assigning system on the planet.

i’ll explain the workflow in this example:

say you want to assign the move X , Y , Z to keys Q , W and E.

To do that:

-right click

-highlight move X

-press insert (just tap , do not hold down)

-press Q to assign the move X to letter Q

-repeat for other keys.

Its that simple to assign hotkeys , and once you assign them your workflow will speed alot. I rarely use the right click menu anymore.

hope this helps.



A fun tip is to hit u and watch what happens ! Weeeeeeee!!!


Yes I gotta sit down and do taht, i think wings would go faster for me then hehe.



never noticed that before.



KingMob, that’s an excellent tip for tweak mode, though you missed a step. You have to go into magnet mode (press 1) before the +/- thing works. It’ll be really useful, I’ve not really played with magnets much and this is a lot easier to use than the standard magnets!



I love the virtual mirror, what you may not have realised is that if you freeze the virtual mirror (Not sure freeze is the right command but its there under create and break virtual mirror) it becomes real geometry. I spent ages breaking the mirror and then mirroring again from the face commands!



Hotkeys “2”-“0” cut edges into segments, ie add vertices. I set my tweak to “t” for ease of use. Also, if you dont know, virtual mirror works only on one face, so delete any extra edges if you have them.

ps. Wings3d has an irc room, #wings3d come on in a join us. :airguitar


vector moves are cool and magnets are cool but how do you use them t the same time?

well Im gonn tell you
start by right cliking for a standard vector command
once you all set nd ready to right click to start moveing stuff
instead hold alt and right click
this brings up a sub menu that used to pop up all the time nd slows down normal vector ops
ah whats this?
there is our friend the magnet



That tweak one is great! You’ve changed my life forever! I rarely use magnets because I find the interface to them so clunky, but this easy as pie.


Check out the stuff on the face menu:

bump: takes a face and bumps it out all cool. Doesn’t maintain quads though, maybe I’ll look into that

lift: pick a face and then one of it’s edges and it kinda half extrudes it. I’ve never used it, but it’s there!

put on: really useful too. Pick a face of a model, then pick the face of another model. It will rotate/move your model to be placed on the face of that other model. It’s really funny to take a head model and make it fly over and attach to something. Just humorous stuff.

Also, check out the vertex menu. Some fun stuff there too.

The Deform menu especially. Twist, taper, crumple, inflate, and torque are good for doing that random vertex moving that is best done procedurally.

And if you have not looked at AutoUV, you are missing some of the best uv mapping tools around. And they aren’t finished yet, not even close!

Be very awestruck my friend.


If you haven’t yet, try this out… (hope the location of this stuff hasn’t changed…I’m running an older .96 version of wings):

Under Edit>Preferences, Miscellaneous (at the bottom unless this is changed in the newwer versions), check on the ‘Advanced Menus’ option.

The way submenus work is totally changed…and I think you get access to additional options and stuff. Check it out…


I’m on an older version of Wings too but I think the advanced menus are now seperate from preferences but still on the edit menu.



The advanced menus can now be turned on from edit–>advanced prefs.


Be very awestruck my friend.

Yeah, I am. I didn’t know a lot of this stuff about wings before even though I’ve been using it for a while.
runs off to play w/ wings :beer:


Hi hi.

z and x will view the object from the axis of +z or +x, I’m sure you know that. But Shift + z or Shift + x will view the object from the
-z or -x side.

handy for quickly checking out the back or the otherside of your model


Rt-Click the green “geometry” menu bar to hide the tool bar.

…may have been mentioned before(?) But if so, I guess this is a good place to mention it again :slight_smile:


Select some faces and then press L, it selects all the edges bordering the selected faces, and no it’s not the same as changing to edge mode, try it!
Not sure how useful this is but I thought it was cool!



It’s very cool, you can do wicked selection jumping with it, check it out (this is from Bay Raitt):

Also, I do an insane amount of selection jumping. its uh, er… here try this:

[i]-select a set of faces.
-extrude region twice
-grow the selection once (tap e or hit +)
-hit alt-e to select the edge boundary.
-hit v to select vertices.
-hit f to select shared faces
-grow the selection a few times until all the original faces are selected.
-shrink the selection till ONLY the original faces are selected.
-scale the original faces.
-tap v
-tighten smooth the selected points.
-etc etc

Selection jumping… don’t know if that made sense or not. but try it, you’ll like it. always think one step ahead and you’ll notice you start getting faster and faster at it. I’ll go for multiple sets of operations without ever actually manually selecting something.[/i]

Now, you’ll have to translate the keys to Wings (grow and shrink are + and -), but mostly you have your own hotkeys, right?