Wings to Blender for Animimation


I know less than jack about blender - Interface scared me more than the boogy man - but I’d like to give it another go.

What I want to do is take my character models over from wings3d to blender to try an bone/animate them. I have the latest release (2.28a) but I cant seem to find an import option?

I guess I need a plugin then? Where? And do I have to have Python installed?

If the above two can be answered, then will the plugin give visual indication that it is there (ie will an import option show up in the file menu? or Do I just open the file normally and it works out that it is the right file type?



Blender can open, without any plug-in, DXF and VRML files… I understand that Wings can save to at least one of these formats.

Besides that, there are import/export scrips (note that I avoided using the word “plug-in”) for getting virtually every file format in/out of Blender… some are easy to use, some requiere almost master the insides of Blender. Do a search and you will see by yourself.

Anyways, if you stick with the default DXF/VRML you should have no problems.

(Be aware that Blender only can manage up to 4 sided faces, so any face with more than 4 sides will be triangulated as needed to make it 4 sides).


…seem to work for me!

For VRML, wings is version 2, blender is version 1?!

Plug-ins don’t seem to do anything…I just keep getting “error invalid selection!”

Scripts don’t seem to be working for me either. Same error message.

I checked the official forum, but it seems I’m alone in my fustration in the importing realm…unless I move back to release 2.23/2.25.

Anychance somebody could give me a step-by-step on how to import a file from wings to blender???

Some things I’m not sure of:

  • Do I have to have python installed to use scripts/plugins?
  • Where should the scripts plugins be stored?? Same as the .exe??


And on Anim8or, I have a hell of a time moving around in that program. I may give Aztec a try.



Originally posted by negative9

Some things I’m not sure of:

  • Do I have to have python installed to use scripts/plugins?
  • Where should the scripts plugins be stored?? Same as the .exe??

//negative9// [/B]

Yes, to run anything more complex than the absolutely basic scrips you need to have Ptyhon installed, and it has to be the same version of Python that is build within the Blender version you are using.

(However, you can have many versions of Python installed and co-existing on the same machine).

The last release (2.28a) uses (I believe) the same python version than 2.23/2.25 to ensure the maximum compatilibilty, but it features a much polished and powerfull python<->blender interface… funny thing is that I forgot exactly wich version of Python is that, but that you can easily find on this or in the offcial forum… something I am sure of: it is NOT the latest realeased version of Python.

About where to locate scrips, they can be anywhere you want, but some scrips needs to be run from a custom build directory so that they can locate other files they need to work with… format conversion scrips are likely to fall in that category… the script itseft should inform you about that.

In general terms, it is better to have all your scripts in just one place, so you can configure blender to look into that directoy by default.

One last note, plese stop calling scripts like ¨plug-ins¨, they are not!! From a Blender point of view, a script and a pluging are totally different things and have different uses. I guess your confusion comes from the fact that with Blender we usually need a script to do things that in other programs are done by a plug-in. To make things worse, they are a few Blender scripts that can do some of the things that blender plug-ins can do.

In general, plug-ins are pre-compiled, are writting using any programming language, are easier to use than scripts, and are used for texturing or rendering/post-production efects ONLY.

On the other side, scripts are never pre-compiled, are allways written with Python, can be used for almost everything within Blender, are slower than plug-ins but also more powerfull, and sadly are harder to get them working.


Blender has no .obj import support? That’s a fairly universal file format, but I couldn’t find any option to import that.


It is not built in, at least not in the official release (on the experimental release it has tons of file formats support).

However, they are many -and I do mean “many”- python scripts to import/export into .OBJ Do a quick search on the net and you will find them.


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