Windows XP SP2 officially released


Im just downloading the long-awaited SP2 for Windows XP. Although Microsoft hasnt made it available yet using Windows Update they released the Network-Installation. This is the full package which you can save and use it to install multiple PCs, which a lot of you guys will do i suppose.

Here is the url:

For the german users, this is the heise article:

Let’s see if that SP has any impact on the CG Community :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m gonna go ahead and wait to see what everyone else says, I had a beta version earlier and it came with a lot of really annoying things, such as the new security center :rolleyes:


yeah, can understand that. SP2’s focus is on security.

so if you know how to manually secure your windows (by deactivating those wide-open system services) and use it behind a router/firewall or without any network anyway you dont need it that much. but if your pc is directly connected to the internet and you have no clue about networks and security id advise you to download it.

maybe something like this service pack will decrease the number of worm/virus-infected systems worldwide so we can focus on other things (like cg :wink:


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