Windows Service Pack 2 = computer format


Heya guys.

I just installed the Windows SP2, and restarted my computer.

Now it won’t start, hahaha.

Good ol’ blue screen of death. Claims in missing “winsrv”. Vwery nice of it. So, just thought I’d warn others that when it says “Back up your system before installing”, you might want to listen to it, hahaha.


Heh yeah I decided to wait for a month or so before downloading and installing SP2.


Man I was going to install that lastnight. Looks like I made the right decision not to. To bad for you though.


I’ve been hearing reports that claim as many as 1 in 10 people who install SP2 are getting hosed like that.

reboot and BSOD.

Looks like it is back to the drawing boards.


strange… i had no problems at all… system is running nice and stable.


$300m and they still can’t get it right :rolleyes:.

The_Magician, this might help though it’s quite a process, unlucky mate:

I’d heartily recommend to everyone that if at all possible they should take an image of their hard drive with something like Symantec Ghost before the install. Having said that I can’t say I have had a problem with the Beta or the full version, it’s a shame because it’s a well thought out update.

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Could you maybe do a safe-boot then uninstall SP2?


Not to accuse anyone here or anything, but I heard they are cracking down on piracy in sp2, so if you have an illegal copy…your going to get a RPC error or something like that, and it won’t let you log in.


yeah and don’t be surprised if they log an IP from an install that reads as a cr@ck.

I think there will be some businesses who will get popped for multi-seat piracy this week. (Used to work at a company that only would buy one seat of anything, but they’ve been out of business for years).


man now i am really really nervous about even doing the sp2 update at all i dont want to have to friggin back up my whole system and then have to take my comp into the ship if the sp2 f’s it all up


hey is sp2 even out yet? dont see it for dl on microsofts web site


the piracy part is all well and fine, but it’s happening to legit versions of Windows. A lot of them.


hmm i am wondering if my pc already has sp2 cause i did windows update to see if it was there and it says my windows is uptodate. maybe i have it installed with out really nowing?


installed it in work, machine is as stable as ever and all the new stuff appears to work fine :shrug:


hey i am getting really confused were are you finding service pack 2 cause i cant find it anywhere on ms web site or the windows update


The official release through Windows Update is on the 16th.

A link was distributed to Network Admins for testing on Friday methinks… and that link has been floating around the web since.


floating around the web? it’s on their site :slight_smile:
it’s a full install though, 200+ mb


The network install is available.


ah i think might just wait for the home user release or what ever it will be called. lol


That’s strange, my laptop downloaded the express install package through Windows Automatic Updates the other day (80mb). I’m surprised if it’s not on

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