Windows 8


Anyone using this?

Does it get easier? I tried it on a laptop today - first impression is not good to say the least.


It performs better but I don’t think it’s worth dealing with all the other problems. Plus even though stuff is supposed to be compatible, there’s some things that aren’t (happens a lot with the programs that people like us use).


Works perfect, never had any compatibility issues and I’ve tried a lot of software. It’s faster, more secure, more fluid and works well with all my network services. It’s actually the first version and OS in which I enjoy to learn all its features and what it is capable of. The only problem I’ve had was when deleting folders, it cached the old thumbs file from winxp but it was easily solved.

The new ui was annoying at first but instead of disregard windows 8 for it I spent five min on it so I never had to deal with it again. I will be thankful it’s there when I get my win tablet though.

So yeah, I’m a win fanboy now (used to be a osx nerd, still am a bit) and I am looking forward to 8.1


I recommend Start8 (only $5), which makes the Windows 8 desktop experience more like WinXP/Win7.

Without it, I would have bailed on Windows 8. Search for reviews… it’s well worth it.

30 day free demo here:



I’m using Windows 8 and i like it, it’s faster and responds quicker to input. So far i have not experienced any issues with software compability. The UI is something you get used to unless you step into it determined to dislike it no matter what. Use Start 8 as suggested, it helps.

/ Magnus


99.9% of your software should work exactly the same, if not a tad better. That 0.1% that has trouble running probably just needs a patch. This might’ve been an issue a year ago, but not now. If your app’s developer still hasn’t provided Win8 compatibility then I’d be surprised. Just about (if not) all of the major apps are up to speed now.

Once you get past the idea that the start menu has been replaced by a start page, it’s functionally identical to Win7. Once you’re at the desktop & explorer level, it’s more of a cosmetic upgrade than anything else.

Depending on your workflow, you can either embrace the new Charms bar or simply choose to ignore it. The most significant aspects of the Charms bar are the enhanced search and the context sensitive functionality. For the most part, I only ever hit the Charms bar to shut down.

If you’re used to using the old start menu to access a few of the more technical features, here’s a trick: Go to the bottom-left corner of the screen and RMB click. Tada! A menu pops up with a bunch of common tasks such as: Command Prompt, Run, Control Panel, Search, Task Manager, etc.

I’d get used to Win8. It’s not going anywhere, especially not with v8.1 only 4 days away.


Win 8.1 which will be coming out in a few days, will be able to boot to desktop. With that said there is no reason not to upgrade, especially if you are coming from Vista or XP. I upgrade my older desktop to win 8 and its performance is excellent.


In my experience, running 3ds Max on Windows 8 was much more unstable (with full updates). It would crash more often than before. And UDK hasn’t worked as well on there either. The UI isn’t something I want to deal with if I need to get work done. It’s fine from a consumer standpoint, as a consumer of media. It’s also especially annoying if you aren’t using a tablet. While you can change it to be more like Windows 7, I don’t see the point of switching if you’ve already got Windows 7 installed.
Also, it had some weird issues, twice on a new machine that had Windows 8 installed it crashed entirely during normal use to where it had to be reset because it was impossible to salvage.


Maybe I’ll keep playing with it on the laptop before I change over on my 3D machines. Glad that it seems quick to get up to speed - it just looked a bit foreign when I was even trying to browse to my computer and the like but found it in the end.


MisterS, you should definitely wait for the win 8.1 update, many issues from consumers (and business) are addressed in that update. I have to agree that there is little need for upgrade when you are on Win 7.

I do like many things Win 8 helps you get to the tools you need. It takes a little getting used too, but working with corners and slide-outs is nice once you get to a certain experience level.

Shifts like this happen. I really didn’t like leaving DOS when Win 95 came around. :stuck_out_tongue:


I just bloody hate the UI, it’s not a matter of getting used to it, it’s horribly stupid and inefficient.
It’s like Windows 7 (a good, solid OS), with tons of little annoyances thrown on top of it.


Windows 8 is OK, but do note the following:

  1. Disable Hibernation/Sleep… sometimes your computer doesn’t wake up again (old problem since XP).

  2. Disable updates. Occasionally on laptops, an update causes a conflict which disables a number of other input devices (like a Wacom Tablet). I have heard also that other updates cause crashes, hangups, but I disabled Updates on Day 2 and haven’t had those issues, nor can I verify them.

  3. Regardless of the Win 8 version you can boot to desktop by adding a task for it in Startup.

Also note that just sticking in a plug-and-play USB mouse will not work. The mouse drivers for Windows 8 are different.


Isn’t it generally a good practice to wait for every other windows update? They seem to release a solid OS, then a flop, then a solid one, etc.

Of course this isn’t a hard and fast rule, just something I’ve heard.

I’ve only tried Win 8 in stores, but honestly I don’t get the hate for the new UI. It made sense to me… could find things easily without having to ask for guidance. Maybe if I spent an entire day with it I’d learn to hate it, but honestly I like how it looks.

But anyways you don’t even have to use it, so not a big deal. Either way, I’ll probably wait for the next iteration before updating. Have no real need for a new OS, win 7 works just fine for me.


Same here.

Win8 in general is the most stable and fast OS MS has made. Can’t wait for 8.1.


Im bemused by the hate for Windows 8. Its like the same bemusement I get from clients who say they have tried Android phones and cannot do anything with them as opposed to Apple Iphone IOS. I personally dont have any trouble with either Android or IOS just as I have no issues with Windows 8.

Is it just a resistence to change that disrupts workflow? Is it a resistence to learning something new and not wanting to spend time on same? In other wise if I dont see how it works straight away out of the box … dump it?

Anyway - to boot to old desktop in Windows 8 AND get back that comfortable START MENU as in Vista, XP or Win 7 try this program - ITS FREE and works fine:

BTW - I am running Blender, Modo, Photoshop, Artrage, Manga Studio, Corel stuff, Photomatix Pro, Ableton Live 8, Cakewalk Sonar x2. tonnes of VSTi / VST plugins, UDK, Unity, Premiere, Vegas Movie Studio, Anime Studio Pro, Toonboom, Soundforge, Native instruments stuff, ZBrush, Vue 9, Messiah, Groboto, 3DS Max Student Version via Autodesk Education Community ( All of these apps legit and purchased over the years ).

All this software running with no problems on Windows 8 PRO on my i3, 8GB Ram, 1TB Harddrive, Nvidia Geforce GT630 vid card Machine.


I am having all manner of problems with Windows 8 so far. The most frustrating and persistent issue is minimizing programs from the taskbar. Clicking on them doesn’t bring them back - I have to right click and select them to get them back, even alt+tabbing doesn’t always bring them to the front. It’s not a critical problem but it’s very frustrating.

The other issue I have is the inconsistency between the tablet style interface (which I genuinely like) and the standard Windows interface. It’s a convoluted process to find out how to (easily) access things like the Control Panel and when you do call them up it just drops to the desktop and opens up a standard window. It makes the tablet interface feel like a superficial shell that obstructs much more than it improves anything.


Not having any of these issues here. Bought Windows 8 from their store, upgraded from Windows 7 without a hitch. Only 2 minor programs needed to be reinstalled, all the other ones work perfectly including all the 3d apps and Office.

I am using the Start button add-on suggested earlier and it works perfectly, just like in Windows 7. The biggest issue I had so far is a couple of times when my system became unresponsive, which didn’t happen in Win7. But I am sure it is my hardware and won’t be the same for others.


Can’t say enough good about Win 8. The performance alone is worth it. Microsoft really did a good job with cutting the crap and keeping the OS lean. People hate the start screen, and I did too at first, but after about a week and understanding how it works it really is a faster and better way to work. Instead of Start->Programs->whatever you just go to the start screen (shortcut window key) and type whatever you want. The indexing is good enough that it almost always finds what your looking for.

Having said that, if you are on Win 7 and have no immediate reason to switch then staying with Win 7 is a great option as well. Waiting for 8.1, sounds like a lot of good, requested changes are getting implemented.


That’s what I was thinking, I did it like that in Win 7, pressing WIN and starting to type.
But in Win 8 there is a pointless split between apps and settings, so I have to do extra clicks if I want to launch a control panel app, for example. I don’t get it, why it has to be like that.
And what’s the point in covering the whole screen just for that process.
I don’t miss the start menu that much, but a quick and efficient way to launch apps.


To access the control panel quickly in “desktop mode” hover your cursor over the far bottom left corner and the start screen thumbnail should appear. Right click this area for a menu to access the control panel and other items.

The other method of going through “all programs” on the start screen works better if you’re on a tablet with no mouse pointer.

Not intuitive without a visual indicator. 8.1 should be putting a start button there which may have similar functionality.