Windows 7 Compatibility?


Has anyone used Silo 2.2 in Windows 7? Not displaying the 3D area for me. Might be the video card on this laptop.


Works fine here.


Yeah, I installed it on a different Windows 7 machine and it works. Just a cheap laptop issue.


As a matter of interest Silo 2.2 works fine on Windows 8 too.


I installed Silo 2.2 on my Windows 7 just now. It import OBJs as a cluster of polygons instead of one mesh. I’ve seen this before when I installed Silo on my old machine years ago (before 2.2). Can’t remember what setting had to be changed to fix this.


There is a switch to import groups as objects in the file format settings (file menu), maybe that will help.


Unchecking that allowed me to import the OBJ much better. But it is one object now.

An example is the blMilWom_v3.obj figure model from DAZ3D. She loads into a scene in all kinds of detatched poly pieces when that setting is checked.


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