Windermire - (da' project)


some concept I did with a friend of mine - wavesphere - awesome 3d modelor



The guy is too shiny imo. The shades on the clothes are not very well defined, and the helm on the model looks a bit diff than the original.

Other than that it is very nice. :thumbsup:


I dunno, the helmet looks pretty close to the design to me. Not that one must stay within such boundaries. And the model looks great, except for the pads. The folds of the cloth, well, they don’t really fold. Just sort of billow.


Alevice: Yeah, I’ve been t0ld that for the 15th time now - gonna w0rk on my highlighths a lil bit m0re - thanx!

Dromond: yeah s0me upgrades there - cheerz :beer:


i think the guy is a lil shiny…
:beer: just kidding mate,

what is that the guy is holding?? a sword??
it looks like a weapon of some sort, interesting.

maybe you can tell us a bit about this guy, he looks a bit like a plumber to me! i bet there is a great story behind.
keep them coming!



THanx my peer - yeah the character was not my idea - it’s all wavesphere’s stuff- he’ll post the final render in here - I’ll make sure the character profile is there


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