Wind Samurai (nudity), Bruce Moffett (2D)


Title: Wind Samurai (nudity)
Name: Bruce Moffett
Country: United Kingdom
Software: Photoshop

Created in Photoshop as part of a series, hoping to do the 5 elements. This one being wind. Reference used for the helmet. Some textures on armour. Comments welcome


Nice tattoo and do I detect a subtle “camel toe” there? :wink:


nice detail

I like your skin tone and also the body proportion

good work! :slight_smile:


very nice; i love this pic…lookin forward to the other elements (thou i think the nudity hasnt been necessary anyway)


Pretty good :slight_smile: like it :slight_smile:



Very well done Bruce.
There is a dark line between her fingers that doesn’t need to be there ? This is a beautiful picture. The armour looks great and her breast’s are perfect. Absolutely perfect. Adds greatly to the visual appeal and beauty of this woman. Tastefuly done, crisp and a very nice painting. rick


Thanks to all for the encouraging comments, much appreciated.


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