Winchester FX Tool


Just noticed this tread and gave it a try, really cool script!

I did notice that the part of the target that gets meshsmoothed is a bit too small in some cases. Some of the holes ended up being low detail because they got outside the smoothed area. This can be easily fixed manually by just adjusting the selection though.

And another thing: it seems to me that all the generated diplacement textures are the same, why don’t you make them all use the same texture? That would make adjusting them a lot easier, especially when you have a lot of bulletholes.


Thanks for pointing out that it’s not using the same texture for all the displacement holes, it used to. I’ve made some big changes lately, so I’ll have to go back and fix that.


Haven’t had time to play but looks like a great update!


for some reason it is not working with me:shrug: in pflow doesnt not appear “particle seeds” , only “fire!” is connected with the 1st thing in pflow…


I’m having the same problem as Fabio, perhaps the name just changed? Anyway, I have the deflector linked, and deleted/reattached the first event in the particle flow… not sure what I’m doing wrong.
I’ve attached my scene to help troubleshooting (max 8), help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Argh, i am stupid. I had the floor deflector set up properly, but the target deflector wasn’t linked to my target. After doing so, everything works perfect. Movies coming shortly.

Okay, it works great! Only problem I noticed is that vRay won’t render the shape marks properly.


i like to suggest this
i’m shortsighted so i always set my winxp at 800-600
and your toolbar doestn’t fit in the program,i can’t use the doit button at this setting
when i switch to 1000 setting the view is blurred
don’t know it’s a big issue for other or not
but i think make it shorter ,wider will be best


Fabio & noouch: I’ve changed the pflow setup, so there’s no “particle seeds” event any more, “fire!” is the first event. And be sure to install the maxScript extension I mentioned on page 2 so you don’t have to manually assign the target and ground objects to the deflectors.

buller: Good point. I’ll probably redesign the UI when it’s closer to being complete. And I know that with nVidia cards at least, there’s a desktop panning utility that lets you set a higher resolution but only display part of it so it’s bigger. I don’t know if that would help you at all, but might be worth a try.

Progress report: I haven’t had a ton of time to work on this lately, but I’ve got booleans working for the most part so you can shoot holes through objects and just generally do some serious damage to your meshes. I’m working out a couple issues still, but will hopefully have another version soon.


ok… so i’ve installed maxscript extension and it gives me this exception:

"unable to convert: $UDeflector:winchester_deflector01 @ [0.00000,0.00000,0.000000] to type: NURBSCVCurve

:shrug:any ideas?


That’s strange. When exactly does it give you this message? All I really know about the extension is that it works when I use it, but I didn’t write it so it might be hard to trouble shoot. You can always take it out and assign the deflector nodes manually if it won’t work.


after i click “do it”



Are you still working on this script or is it final?



I’m still working on it off and on. I have it to the point where you can shoot through multiple objects all at once, like shoot a hole in one wall and then shoot a new hole through the wall behind it and so on. I haven’t had much time lately, and I want to add a couple more features before releasing a new version. But mir-vadim’s Ray tools look like they’re coming along nicely so I haven’t really felt like I needed to get out new versions of my tool fast. But if people are still interested I’ll try and make it more of a priority.


I bet people are definetly interested in your tool! Improve it and implement it into your great script collection :slight_smile:

kind regards



Yes, It would be great if you could work some more on it. It’s so useful and a very good script.



Okay, got a the update up that I’ve been working on. I’ve added it to my script pack, you can find it here:

Help page here:

And there’s another script included in the update to the script pack called, “Multi Prop Changer”, useful for changing light color and multiplier on many light at once, as well as other properties on any object.

Still no time to create a cool movie using the script, but try it out and let me know what you think. :slight_smile:


glad you´re still working on Winchester :slight_smile: great to have a help site now.

your scripts really should be a must have production tool collection. i introduce it in every company i work at :smiley:

kind regards



Nice job on the impact displacements. seems to run through the script faster too.


James!.. nice work. How are ya? Nice script. It got me thinking, would it be possible to use directX shaders instead of mesh displacement?


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