William Cameron - Modeling & Texturing reel


Hi Everybody,

                         My names William Cameron, I've recently completed my showreel/website, and would like to share it with the cg community. The reel consists of personal pieces and primarily focuses on modeling and texturing. All models are entirely original designs.
                     Big thanks for everybody who gave me feedback and helped along the way!
                        Software used:
                         3ds max, Maya, Mudbox, Photoshop, UVLayout,
                         Vray, Premiere, After Effects 
                         *Skin photo refrence was used from 'Ballistic Publishing's Ultimate' Royalty-free photo dvds
                         I am now currently looking for work in the industry, in either Australia or abroad.
                         Feel free to contact me: [email="http://forums.cgsociety.org/williamcameroncg@gmail.com"]williamcameroncg@gmail.com[/email]

C&C most welcome,
You can also view more images and information
on my website: www.williamcameroncg.com

                         [img]http://www.williamcameroncg.com/preview/snakepreview1.jpg[/img] [img]http://www.williamcameroncg.com/preview/horrorpreview1.jpg[/img]
                  [img]http://www.williamcameroncg.com/preview/femalepreview1.jpg[/img] [img]http://www.williamcameroncg.com/preview/malepreview1.jpg[/img] 


just awesome


Fantastic work William.

Great posing. Great song as well.


Great job William.
The pacing is a little slow I think, but the models keep the eyes busy. :slight_smile:
Best of luck job hunting!


Very nice models!

If you were to cut this up to fit inside the two minute mark, I think you might find yourself employed sooner than later. :slight_smile:

Congrats on all the hard work!


great work.
i agree is a little on the slow side. but the quality of the content makes its worthwhile.

hope you get a job soon.

how lond did it take you to complete?


Excellent work William

Tow row :slight_smile:

  • Ty


Amazing work! But I agree it is a little slow. Try speed up some of the turnarounds and cut a lot of the unnecessary ones out. But again, amazingggg sculpts!


Hi Guys
Thanks for all the feedback!

 I have to agree with the comments about the length, it is a little too long to be sending out to studios.
 I really wanted to show off the details, and get some thorough feedback about the models 

from the cg community. So I posted this longer ‘internet’ reel to see what others thought.

 Based on the comments, I'm currently editing together a shorter reel, to send out to individual studios.
 I Know they don't really have time to sit through long demo reels.
 Thanks for the comments, :D
 I really appreciate all the feedback


Great work Will! :bounce:

Good to finally see man, know you have been honing your skills and the time spent has definitely paid off!

Think you’ve got a good chance at finding some work!

Great to see!

I think with your attitude, that will get you plenty far too, really have fond memories of studying with you, was a blast!



nice work William!


Cheers Guys!
Thanks for the comments, much appreciated.
Glad you like it!


Front page stuff for me, mate!!

You will get job soon, for sure!!

Hugs from Spain


wow…that last character blew me away! awesome


i love your work man


Awesome work, I especially like the Cyborg? lady. Very nice and subtle details, she’s great.


Its no small feat making a 4 minute long reel not boring but I loved every second of it. Very nice posing throughout, really brings the models to life. I think my favorite is the creature at the end, genuinely creepy and scary model.

I will plug this at the front page when I get out of work.


great work and excellent presentation.


Great work man! Fantastic detail! And the last piece, especially the pose, is insane! Keep up the stunning work!


Wery professional and inspiring! There’s somehow a personal touch and feeling attached to the material as well :slight_smile: great work!