Will this 32GB memory cards work with the Sabertooth X79?


I really want to get these memory cards for my motherboard. These are 1866 MHZ DDR3 PC15000. The price is pretty good. Will it be ok with the asus sabertooth X79 motherboard that i have? I’d love to have 32 gigs in here. My motherboard supports up to 64GB. I tried researching about these memory cards to see some reviews with these motherboards but i have no luck. There is only one person on amazon who said that these cards are not supporting the x79 sabertooth? i am not sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you ahead.

Here is a link to the memory card and a link to the motherboard.


My motherboard is below…



the memory should work fine.

Take note that if you have a large aftermarket CPU cooler, the heatfins on the ram won’t clear.


Thanx for the reply…I only have a cpu cooler the corsair hydro H100…I dont know what an aftermarket is…lol…but i hope thats what u asked about. My processor is the Intel Core i7-3820 Sandy Bridge-E 3.6GHz (3.8GHz Turbo Boost) LGA 2011 130W Quad-Core Desktop Processor BX80619i73820.

Will the memory show up as 32GB? I read one review on amazon.com that someone stated this below…I dont understand what he was saying and why the memory card is not compatible with this motherboard? Also running slower speed then pc3 15000? this is the only review i can find about it…thanx again for replying


Recently built new machine w/ i7 3930k, decided to get 32gb of ram.
The motherboard I purchased the asus sabertooth x79 does not support this memory… So I’m stuck running at lower speeds because of ASUS. I updated the BIOS on the motherboard and checked their memory QVL, the memory is not supported to run at PC3-15000 on the asus sabertooth x79.


personally, i think that memory is overpriced, but should work just fine.

i just purchased the ASUS Sabertooth x79… it’s an awesome motherboard with many enthusiast features and not simple plug-n-play for overclocking your memory.

i put in 64GB of this memory, and it works just fine at 1333 even though its’ rated at 1600, that’s if i choose to bypass the SPD settings and overclock them.


I got them on sale last Friday for only 100$ a set… ya, 64GB for only 200$USD

with that said, it would seem to me that the person is complaining about not being able to tweak the UEFI/BIOS for their memory… and to be honest, no regular human would be able to notice the difference in normal usage between 1333, 1600, 1866, 2000… etc. only when your run extreme benchmarking tests will you see the differences… it simply is NOT worth the extra money.

if you keep your eyes open for sales on newegg, you can get some great deals… that’s my recommendation.


Thank you so much for the explanation, but i already ordered the memory that i have posted earlier. Based on what you said i guess it will runn at 1333 instead of 1886MHZ? Since you said it wont be noticeable, i dont mind it. My question is, will maya, zbrush, 3ds max, will run with significant speed? I think i have a good processor as well…and with 32GB of ram running these programs should be pretty fast one would think? or am i totally off bcuz im not very tech savy…thanx for whatever suggestion or explanation you can give…appreciate it very much.


32GB should future proof your machine quite nicely, and should allow your applications to run to their fullest :applause:.

Like Troy said, it really wont affect your benchmarks much. On my system, running the RAM at 1600 as opposed to 1333 made my Cinebench score increase from 7.10 to 7.12.



I’d run the memory at the speed it’s rated at anyway. I don’t see the point in buying a great overclocking motherboard and then underclock things


more than likely when you plug the memory in, by default, it will run at 1333 because that is the ISO standard for DDR3 memory. the higher rates (1600 … 2400) are manufacturer tested and guaranteed specifications.

i will say that you will probably not notice an increase in system speed by using more memory unless that has been a bottleneck previously… like if you only had 2GB of memory, and have been rendering in maya, and zbrush, while opening a 500MB image in photoshop and playing a video game and listening to music and watching a video all at the same time causing your system to swap data to cache on disk :slight_smile:

32GB of RAM will last a long time, you should be in a good position.

just make sure you RTFM, with a Quad channel setup, you do need to pay attention to which DRAM slots you put your memory in.


Thank you very much for replying and taking the time to explain. I appreciate it. I guess i dont have to return the memory i installed it…i am just waiting for my graphics card to arrive…and im all set


If you dont mind me asking…What drives system speed is it the processor? Like…how fast an application opens or how fast does your pc turn on and gets to your desktop…? Since you have mentioned that its not memory that drives system speed…

usually when computers are slow or something u always hear people say…oh upgrade your memory it will be faster…just asking…hope its not much of a trouble…

thank you ahead…


it’s usually CPU speed that’s the main factor in speed. However when loading something large, it’s the speed of the hard drive.

Memory speed is usually pretty transparent since it’s never usually the bottle neck - unless you simply don’t have enough, which is a rare occasion these days.


Hey man,

Boot speed and program load times would have a lot to do with disk speed.

Upgrading any component would increase your system performance in some way. You just have to identify what task your performing, and determine were you need to invest your money.

As far as 3D raytrace rendering with MR goes, high memory speeds and amounts more than about 16GB doesn’t seem make a huge impact.

The large amounts of RAM really helps with multitasking and video editing.



Thank you everyone for helping me out…i will try to see if i can overclock the memory to 1866 as some of you have stated that but i am hasitant bcuz i dont know if its a good thing or not since i have so much memory already…


I am looking forward to post some of my work ill be doing with this new rig…


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