will-o'-the-whisp misstress , Daria Ivashchenko (2D)


Title: will-o’-the-whisp misstress
Name: Daria Ivashchenko
Country: Ukraine
Software: Photoshop

This is my original character named Farrimae - the misstress of will-o-the- whisps. She is NOT a fairy or elf or smth of that kind but also a brood of forest. Farrimae attracts trevellers with her fen-fires. Her essence is two-faced: she can be either good or evil (it depends on her mood). Her fires can mark to the person the location of treasure hidden deep in the ground or water, she can guide trevellers fot lost in the wood out or get them lost further in the thicket where some horrible things can happen. Btw she is inloved with faun.


As always, there is something about your work that inspires me. I think it’s the fact that your character is not a fairy or elf but something else… something new to the fantasy world.

Thanks for posting!


Thank you! :wavey: ) Must say it’s very pleasant to realize that my work has something inspiring)
BTW I like elfs but I think I’ve tired of them a littlle bit)) they are everywhere)))


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