Will I have any serious issues with an ATI HD8750M in 3DS Max?


Hi there. I’m looking for a second hand laptop for quite circumstantial use (when I need to do any minor editing on the move) so I don’t want to spend much cash for something that will be laying around on a shelf most of the time. I’ve found a used laptop that seems to suiting my needs, has an i7 CPU (although quite old), 12gigs of RAM and a new SSD.

What troubles me is the GPU. It has an ATI Radeon HD8750M GPU and I’m thinking whether I’m gonna have any serious issues with viewport performance in newer versions of 3DS Max. I’m working on 3DS Max 2018 right now and I’m planning on upgrading to the latest version every chance I get. It’s not the 2GB or VRam I’m worried about, besides until quite recently I was working on a 8-year desktop with an ATI HD5770 (1GB) as my main workstation. I had noticed a few glitches though, some disappearing objects in the viewport etc and I’m afraid if the driver support in these newer versions of 3DS Max for such old GPUs is less that adequate.

Does anyone by any chance work on new 3DS Max versions with old GPUs to share any personal experience?


considering that GPU has a benchmark that is really poor… i would not recommend it at all. unless the laptop was like 100$, then i’d buy it just for giggleshnits.


Hmm. I don’t know how the prices for used laptops are where you live, but in my country 100$ would get you a dual core CPU at best with an onboard GPU.

Considering the fact that I won’t be gaming on that laptop, I’m just wondering if anyone has any experience -even with fairly light scenes- with GPUs of that time. The GPU will only be used for the viewport, so I’m not interested in lightning performance, but only any serious bugs due to drivers incompatibility or something.