will Corel ever fix it??????


If you want to stretch the Layers palette, tear it off the other docked palettes, then click and drag the lower right corner. Not that anyone would want to, but we can stretch the Layers palette to fill the entire Painter screen’s width and height.

Another way to make the Layers palette longer, is to hold your cursor over the “line” where the inside of the palette meets the lower frame, just above the icons. Then click and drag down to make the palette longer, or up to make it shorter (up to the minimum height).

In Painter IX.5 and earlier versions, it will take a few tries before you can “grab” that line.

In Painter X, it’s much easier. When we hold the cursor over that “line”, a new cursor appears. It looks like a thin black line with black arrows pointing up and down. When that cursor appears, click and drag up or down to change the height of the Layers palette.


It’s amusing that people like to misstate what I say and do.

The fact is, I praise both Corel Painter and the Corel Painter Development team.

The fact is, I am not at all hesitant to say when I find something that doesn’t work as it should (bugs, problems, etc.).

The fact is, I often say that people coming from other programs would do best to accept the fact that Painter is Painter and other programs are what they are. Each should be used for what it does best, or when the user simply prefers one over the other.

The fact is, I very often help people find ways to use Painter as it is. The reason being, if a person wants to use the program now, they’re having problems doing something, and there are workarounds to be shared, it only makes sense to share those workarounds while we wait for a patch or Upgrade, or for a new Painter version that may include fixes so we no longer need the workarounds.

The fact is, many times I’ve provided e-mail addresses so people who are having problems can send their reports directly to either/or/both:

painterteam@corel.com - entire Corel Painter Development team

steve.szoczei@corel.com - Corel Painter Design & Development

Pay attention to what I actually say and do, and please do not misstate either.



Well, that’s the problem right there! :slight_smile:

Shipping software involves a lot of things, including a timetable. So bugs are prioritized and this order depends on many things (severity, number of users affected, etc) but it also depends on how many complaints a certain bug got.

If the problem was present for 4 versions, and no one really complained about it… Put yourself in the manager’s shoes for an instant:

“So we have this bug. It’s not pretty. But we don’t hear any complaints [or just a few, bear with me on this…]”

Given limited resources, what do you think the manager will do?

If you find something that (to you) looks pretty bad, you can complain here, or (better) send an email to Corel (see published addresses in other messages). Waiting silently won’t help at all.


I think someone should start a poll and see how many users are affected by this banding problem. I am for one do not use certain brushes in Painter and are forced to turn to PS as a workaround sometimes.

Since the people at Corel sometimes browse this forum, this would be a quick and clear message to them instead of emailing to them or complaining in this thread.

Of course emailing or complaining is more direct, but how many people have the time or energy to type a lenghty descriptive email? With a polling system it’s easy.

I would also suggest that any new feature request thread would be done in this manner. With the current system, how would they know if a suggested feature would be most useful to the majority?

And please, stop developing anymore of this Auto-Paint-Drawing-Challenged-Poser-Hack-Van Gogh-Wannabe nonsense. :smiley: Real artists don’t want to be any part of it and it doesn’t make any artwork more 'artsy than using a filter. Please… people. Please…

It’s the 10th version people and you lovely people at Corel are still unable to accomplish what other softwares in other companies have done for years.

If I was Mark Zimmer I would be terribly ashamed. :smiley:


nice idea

Im waiting for the patch to come … could be some nice suprises that may entice myself and others to upgrade. Im not going to hold my breath though.


I’ve also had the color banding problem for a long time now, it keeps me from working in more than a few layers in painter, merging them when the problem occurs. It’s not nice to feel that you don’t control where and how paint is applied to the picture.

Actually I have a good example of it here:


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