WILDSTAR FTP Launch Trailer Character works, HongChan Lim (3D)


Title: WILDSTAR FTP Launch Trailer Character works

Name: HongChan Lim

Country: USA

Submitted: 22nd August 2016

WILDSTAR FTP Launch Trailer by Fortiche Prod
All Final Render Shots by Fortiche Prod
NCsoft Corp. /Carbine Studios LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

I had the fortunate opportunity to worked on characters for this trailer as Senior Character Supervisor during my time at NCsoft Corp./Carbine studios. I helped creating the Characters, Creatures, armors, Weapons and Dye System. alongside with the many talented artists, Cinematics Dept at Carbine Studios and Fortiche Prod. Fortiche did amazing job on shaders and renders on original assets. All concepts were done by Carbine concept team. Cory Loftis, Kory Hubbell, Daniel stuktz, Johnson Trung, Mindy Lee, and Garrett Hanna. Every shots are definitely Team efforts!!