Wierd SoftImage|XSI Crash Problems...


I just purchased SoftImage|XSI Advanced (Academic Edition) and I’m having problems with crashing. I’m running a Pentium 4 2.8Ghz/800Mhz FSB/1MB L2 Cache, Radeon 9800 Pro, 1 gig of crucial RAM, 2 80 gig hard drives, Windows XP Pro, Intel Motherboard, all with the latest drivers. When I was using SoftImage|XSI EXP For HL2 it never had this problem. Basically just about everytime I use the ‘Q’ tool (where you drag to create a small rendering square in your work area for testing purposes) it generally crashes instead of giving me a preview. It stops responding and I have to restart XSI. And usually for some reason that causes my task bar to stop working it just appears empty no matter how many windows I have open, none appear in the task bar. Also my desktop becomes a blank space that I can’t access until I log off and back on again. I think the problem causing it is the crashing so I want to focus on that. It has only crashed ONCE when doing a full render, and it was a very simple render, something like 5 seconds. It crashed in the middle of it. However, just about everytime I use the preview box it almost ALWAYS crashes and it’s a huge pain. I don’t have problems with Doom 3 or FarCry crashing, and I’m running them on high. Any advice? Are there any video/3-D settings I might need to change within SoftImage? Because if there is I haven’t touched them yet… Like I said everything has the latest updates, I built the computer myself and it works great. I’m very knowledgeable in computers but this has me stumped. Any help would be great thanks!


Oh yes, and the rendering device is Mental Ray.


Sounds like yet another ATI issue. Are your drivers up to date? if so, try rolling back to previous versions. ATI drivers and XSI don’t generally get along, but this pretty old news. To get optimum results with any production application, you should use the certified hardware as listed by the software producer.


They are up to date. But why would it get along with the EXP For HL2 but not the full academic version? My system is identical to when I was using HL2 EXP and I had no problems then.

ATI is my hardware of choice and I won’t be straying from that. And if it wasn’t an issue in the EXP I don’t see how it would be ATI causing this. Instead I rather believe it must be something in SoftImage considering it rendered fine before. But who knows…


Try disabling AA and/or AF for your card…


Well XSI 4.0 is not 3.5 (which is what HL2EXP is), if they added improvements to the OpenGL implementation, or any number of hundreds of graphics related areas, then the way those ATI drivers interprets XSI’s needs may be different. I would reccomend rolling drivers back, because ATI’s drivers frequently break from time to time… if you jump back one driverset at a time you may find one that works.

The problem is, it is difficult to help troubleshoot for you, and SI really has no obligation to help you if your don’t use the certified hardware. Generally they will, but they can (like alias does) say “sorry, you’re breaking the rules”. By saying certified, I don’t necessarily mean Nvidia… just saying a card on the list… which includes ATI’s pro-grade cards.

I’m no Vid-card brand biggot, but ATI’s are a common source of issues in the XSI community.


on the topic… im wondering somthing

when you install maya and the mental ray for it it shows that mental ray has been installed in ur programs through the control panel addd/remove pograms

With xsi you don’t seee this did i install it wrong?


No… the two are treated more or less as one application. That is how tight the integration is between the two. Kinda like how you don’t see Maya Default Scanline Renderer in your Add/Remove Programs list.

Mental Ray is XSI’s renderer.


I have AA/AF set to application preference. Is there an option in XSI to enable/disable these?

And JDex: Good call! I forgot it was 3.5 vs. 4.0! I wasn’t accusing you of being a card biggot, I just prefer ATI. They have always fixed my problems so I’m almost 100% sure the next driver release will fix it. They are making a lot of OpenGL improvement due to Doom III. I won’t be getting a pro-grade card because they are expensive and right now I am gaming and modelling as a student so I don’t need such as of yet… But for the Radeon 9800 Pro a quality card to not be supported seems kind of cheap to me… But hey that’s how the cookie crumbles. I’ll look forward to ATI’s soon to be released final version of their drivers. Thank you!

BTW, are there any updates to 4.0 available? Such as 4.1 or something? How do I get a maintenance contract as a student/how much is it/what does it do? I have the $295 lifetime license for students. Just got it about 3 weeks ago. Thanks again.


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