Whyat is going on....


OK it is tine for my second update of what is going on…
You guys deserve it.
My Nana, the woman who helped raise me, was put on hospice care in November.
Her health too a turn for the worst last weekend and she died peacefully with family.
I will be offline attending funeral services until Monday,
Her health concern along with health issues with my son and and a bad diagnosis for father are the reason why I have not been around these parts much since November.

I have been preparing a new challenge and I do promise to have it ready next week.

And please do share this update with past members.
I am committed to this forum because believe in its core mission. But the past few months have been rough.
Love you guys and thanks for your patience,


Hi Roberto,

It is good to know about you.
First, I’m sorry about your Nana and I hope your son and you are well.

Count with my help for anything in the forum.