Why we don't like Toms Hardware....


Just incase some of you still don’t think Toms Hardware is bad, and wonder why we don’t ever speak of them…



So are there any reliable review sites out there? And if so which ones, I personally just like asking real people like all of you wonderful guys and gals.


true. but! there will always be ppl who like that site. even some ppl on this forum - not me though. saying things like toms hardware got me into hardware etc etc etc. and 9/10 where ever you go there are ppl like them that make surfing the inet a pain in the arse.


The article makes AMD looks just as bad. You won’t ignore them, will you? I suppose this sort of deals are common throughout the industry, THG are doing it because they are big and because they can.


I currently stop at HardOCP.com every day a few times, they have links to all the latest reviews, as well as their own. [H] unlike some others, will admit botched data and retest, in addition to apologizing.


I remember toms from way back when I first started. But false reviews and test results doesn’t cut it with a hardware review site. Nor does imposing your own media blackout (just cause you can) just so you have dibs on everything make you look good.

ALWAYS compair reviews from different sites to make sure they all have the same general test results.


anyone have any experience w/ Anand Tech? They review stuff too and seem to be in good standing I think. Newegg often has links to reviews of hardware on that site.



Those are some of the sites (inaddition to the ones sieb mentioned) that I visit on a daily basis.

Anand’s a great site. They do a really good job on motherboards and their new testing system is fantastic. (I especially like how they test tech support response time).


Originally posted by singularity2006
anyone have any experience w/ Anand Tech? They review stuff too and seem to be in good standing I think.

I talked to Kyle from HardOCP on the phone, and he told me that Anandtech is the absolute best hardware site on the planet. He even admitted that HardOCP isn’t number 2 because of the hits, but because Anandtech is of such high quality… (And they get more hits. Their forums have 115,479 users registered… It’d better be a good site.)


Yea, Anand ranks up there, I forgot to mention them. I think they are the ones that have the writeups of their server upgrades and stuff. cool stuff…


Latest advancements from HardOCP’s frontpage (www.hardocp.com):

Posted by Kyle 12:37 PM (CDT)

THG to Sue AMDMB.com:
As mentioned earlier, this editorial posted at AMDMB, chronicles Ryan Shrout’s experience at a rather large LAN party this weekend. Here in the USA, we understand it to be our right to openly speak about our experiences in life, but quite possibly others do not feel that way.

Omid Rahmat of Tom’s Guides Publishing, a.k.a TomsHardware.com, verified in an email to me that he made the following statements in reply to a reader’s email explaining that he would not visit THG any more due to their recent actions.

-----Original Message-----
From: Omid Rahmat [mailto:omid@removed.com]
Sent: Monday, June 30, 2003 8:41 AM
To: Name Removed

Subject: RE: MML2

Sorry to hear that, but Amdmb.com fabricated a story, and we gave as good as we got. We’ll let the lawyers handle it.

If you choose to believe the amdmb.com version, fine, but we’re not going to just sit there and have someone lie about us.

Omid Rahmat
Tom’s Guides Publishing

Then also in another email:

It’s bull, and no rebuttal required. We’ll take them to court instead. They might get the message that way.

Omid Rahmat
Tom’s Guides Publishing

It seems as though that is exactly what they intend to do as Omid called Ryan Shrout this morning around 11:45AM CST and verbalized that Tom’s Guide Publishing would be having their lawyers send Ryan a letter explaining that they would be suing them for libel. Ryan, being a “poor college student” working on his EE degree does not have the funds needed to defend an action of this sort, it is our opinion that this action is to force Ryan’s hand and make him take down his page that chronicles the events.

I have committed to Ryan that I will personally help him with funding his legal council so he will not have to fold with the almighty dollar being the deciding factor. We have also put him in direct contact with our attorney we keep on retainer that specializes in Intellectual Property matters. I think Ryan is telling the truth and should not be stifled.

The fact of the matter is that Omid was not present at the event and does not know what happened first hand. I would guess that Omid might be getting his information from parties that are now concerned with keeping their jobs. Also worth mentioning is that Ryan has some recorded audio of THG and AMD representatives saying some very interesting things to him that would be terribly embarrassing, if not downright damaging, should they be released publicly.

We have tried to contact AMD about this, this morning, but have not been successful.

As of posting this, I have received another mail from Omid making the following statement:

We will deal with Mr. Shrout through the appropriate legal channels, and leave it at that.


nice one. *** in the process of removing all traces of himself off the internet*** . to be honest judging by the superb quality of tomshardware and how much i really truthfully cough loooove that site. and how accurate it is with everything. i think this is just a publicity stunt and that he won’t sue.


Ryan won.

Quoted from www.HardOCP.com

[B]THG Backs Down to AMDMB:
Omid of TomsHardwareGuide writes:

Oh, my, we have just received word from our lawyer that the Supreme Court has upheld the “22 year old college kid defense” and all “22 year old college kids” are immune from prosecution. My lawyer also advises me that “22 year old college kids” don’t have much money, and he is still fighting my case against the “2 year old bed wetter.”

Be that as it may, the MML2 fiasco is now at an end.

Kudos to Ryan of AMDMB.com for standing his ground in the face of impending legal adversity and exercising his 1st Amendment Right as guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America. Certainly it would have been easier to buckle under the legal pressure and simply remove the chronicle of his recent experiences with THG.

As for THG and their statement quoted above, I have to admit I am truly stunned by their remarks. Is this the “clear cut professional manner” they noted themselves as using yesterday?

And just for the record, Ryan Shrout is 21 years of age. So when you see him, buy the man a beer.

End Quote.[/B]


I never did like THG but this really blows the top.



Probably the folks at THG were advised by their attorney about the implications of California’s anti-SLAPP statute, which would require THG to make a STRONG showing that they’d probably win for the suit to even go forward.

– Mark





Well, I had my gripes about THG for a long time. The last ime I looked at THG was the Athlon XP3000+ vs the P4 3.06 and the video card roundup review (though I was only stopping by every few months at that point).

It seems the P4 won the comparison against the Athlon, beating it in almost every test.

However, in the video card round-up. The Athlon XP 2700+ beat that same P4 in every single test, even when using the same setup at the CPU test in another article.

I thought that was interesting.


i just love happy endings… :sniff:


In a nutshell:



Wow, just read about the whole thing, its like a sope opera or somthing. The funest flame war I have ever read!!! BTW Tom dose suck!!!


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[B]In a nutshell:


this explains moovieboy;)

J/K man!!:beer: