Why so few ppl using silo?


Hello I just downloaded the new silo demo and I have been using it for about half a week just tinkering around with it. I really like the modeling features it has over max ( what I currently have.)

In my experience (granted its not much) but i have tried demos and looked through features of prety much all 3d applications and silo’s modeling seems to have the most intuitive interface for me. It just seems like a very strong modeling tool.

Again why does silo seem so underused?

What do you think guys.


Hi, i think that many people don’t know of Silo yet. It takes some time until it is established.
We have to tell everyone that Silo is a great tool.


Where are you getting the assumption that Silo is not used? The Silo forum isn’t very active, that is not a measure of its use though.


lots of people use silo. Nevercenter does not publish there numbers so its entirely subjective. this board is not very active because most of the action is over at the silo forum. http://www.silo3d.com/forum/



I know that this forum isnt the best representation of silo but I thought that cgtalk was one of the bigest cg forums around.

I know a lot of stuff is posted on the silo forums and they have really good models floating around there as well.

As far as spreading the news about silo I think I would rather keep it as my little secret:twisted:

Its just that good :).


Like Brook says, lots of us do use Silo (and are jumping up and down waiting for v2), it’s just that we hang out over on Nevercenter’s own forum. Much as I love and respect CGTalk it’s hardly surprising that the forums run by the specific vendors experience vastly more actitivty than the relavent sections here on CGTalk (well it’s true for modo and Silo anyway - the Maya scene here on CGTalk is pretty active). Also, IMHO, if you’re into modo or Silo there is a good deal less trolling and generally a better vibe over on their home forums. Plus, and kudos to Lux and Nevercenter, there appears to be very little censorship (not that I’m saying there is here, just it’s very impressive how those two ISVs listen to their users and are really open about their development plans and processes).


I use Silo all the time.

If there was no Silo, I’d be in trouble with my production pipeline.

Mike Fitz


I pretty much only model in silo atm, for portfolio work.

I learned about silo from a friend about 3 years ago and was instantly impressed. Didn’t dig into it because I was using maya heavily at school, and silo had no artisian.

features I’m looking forward to
-displacement/artisian type tools
-mirror symmetry without cutting mesh
-improved grouping
-improved menus and customizing

once silo has these, for me personaly there will be very few things to pull me away to other apps, as far as modeling goes.


I also use Silo a lot



Yeah, Nevercenter doesn’t do a lot of traditional advertising. But I think that it’s because they want to rely on mouth-to-mouth advertising. It can take longer to catch on this way but I sense we’re heading toward a tipping point. Once Silo 2.0 comes out, the flood gates will open. Then, hang on and enjoy the ride! :bounce:


-displacement/artisian type tools
-mirror symmetry without cutting mesh
-improved grouping
-improved menus and customizing

i agree. the cool thing is that all that stuff is going to be in 2.0! the only other thing i want to see is uv tools and thats going to be in there as well.


I think it’s because it’s really cheap compared to other packages and people think that it’s not as good. A great example of the sheep syndrome. Maybe also because it doesnt have animation tools…why spend money on a modeling only app if youre gonna need maya or max anyways…


yeah, that’s what I mean. I can’t wait. It will be my prized pencil, not too complicated and shiney, just good led.


i`m agree…i have only used silo for a week and i love it…but my first reaction 5 minutes after the first time i started to use was ““what a great modeling app!””…why the hell i never heard about it?..
i think that in time SILO will be famous…for sure!


I love Silo too. I wanted something easy to model base meshes in and to import them into Zbrush. I started in Maya for no other reason than most of the tutorials I’ve watched used Maya. Every Maya tutorial starts with the teacher saying get MJ Poly Tools and CPS tools. My question is always “why?”. Silo has all these great modeling tools built in. For anyone that wants to try Silo to download the demo AND (most importantly) get Glen Southern’s FREE Silo tutorials at Kurv Studios. It will get you modeling at mach speed.



Yeah silo is awesome only the switching of viepane’s gets on my nerves…


Many times, when a forum have little or no visit, this mean it’s inpopular. In other case it’s mean that the product have no trouble or is easy to understand. For example you can find many post about “how to install…” or “how to render” in max.


I know for me its that I had never heard of Silo until about two weeks ago while reading another post on the forum. I’ve been doing 3d for years and it really surprised me that I missed this app. They really should look into advertising it more.

I think another thing that always inhibits a new app is that people are already comfortable with what they currently use. So when they look at a new app it really has to offer something substantial over what they currently use to make up for all the time it takes to learn the new app.

For me I currently use Modo most, but have tried to spend some time with Silo when time permits. Its just that when you have some work to do its just much easier to jump to the app your most familiar with, even if its not the best for the job.


I tried silo but opted for Hexagon 1 by eovia…Hexagon 2 has been announced and should be looked at closely and considered it is a top notch modeller… http://www.eovia.com/products/hexagon/hexagon2.asp

The sample vids here show the newest features and ease of use.


I know a lot of people using Silo, maybe there just modelling rather than posting in forums…:bounce:

Hex really didn’t do it for me when I tried the demo out, the new version seems to have just added a few ZBrush inspired tools…

It looks like a capable app, but already owning ZB & Silo, it seems pointless straying…