Why photoshop?


Why photoshop and not DA GIMP?


I never used DA GIMP before. I think I’m enjoying using photoshop and for me learning a new software needs time. The tools in photoshop is professional and photoshop is widely accepted. I think it’s enough to use photoshop.


simply because i own it… no more no less


Photoshop is one of the best 2d program i can think off.


SInce it is the 2D benchmark that all other programs try to emulate.


why else would other programs make it possible to except psd files? because it’s that great of program! i’ve been using it since ver 1.25 and I couldn’t think of changing to a totaly new program now!!


if you used gimp and you have used photoshop, you wouldnt be asking this question. ;p


You aren’t serious are you? LOL


DA GIMP == desperately trying to look cool with all the FUBU gear and bling-bling, but fails badly.


heeeheeee…a little provocation!


would you mind shortening your sig ? some of us are still on 800x600 (at school) and i haate haiving to scroll several pages down to see the next reply…


Yeah, shortened that rediculous long sig!


no dude photoshop is THE best 2d program ever made :slight_smile: and will be for many years to come each version just kicks ass, Gimp is ok but not as good


useless thread… :\


There is no question about it. When you see the extent photoshop can go too, you know you’ve got the right program :wink:


ahah, simply because dagimp don’t let me do the half of what I do under photoshop !! Photoshop is not perfect, but simply the best on the market (at least for what I do with it). You really can’t see its power in books, work intensively with it for more than a year and you will know some of its power … Then look at others and laugh !



Because the GIMP has pretty much no support for printing, which was what my original background was. Then comes the poor interface, and the lack of power.

It’s great for free software. It’s not great for PROFESSIONAL LEVEL GRAPHICS.

But if you’re someone learning, or someone who is just a hobbyist, then the GIMP is great.


Why this thread?


You still don’t know after 10,000 (what do you do all day??) posts ? He’s flaming of course. We have a name for people like that: trolls.


da gimp? This is seriously the name of a program? Just for that fact alone, I would not use it.