why my UI doesn´t listen to meee!(attrFieldSliderGrp alignment problem)


Hi guys

I am using a formLayout form my UI,but I can make the attrFieldSliderGrp to get aligned properly,even putting -attachForm myControl “left” 2,there is a weird empty space at the left.Here is the code if you could help me out

if (`window -q -exists rh_fkTool_v01_wn`)
deleteUI rh_fkTool_v01_wn;

	window -sizeable 0 rh_fkTool_v01_wn;
	windowPref -wh 300 150 -tlc 300 300 rh_fkTool_v01_wn;
		formLayout mainColumn_for;
			button -h 50 -l "Create controler" makeControl_btn;
			attrFieldSliderGrp /*-attribute todefine*/ -l "wide" -min 0.1 -max 100 wide_afs;
			attrFieldSliderGrp /*-attribute todefine*/ -l "depth" -min 0.1 -max 100 depth_afs;
		formLayout -e
		-attachForm makeControl_btn "top" 2
		-attachForm makeControl_btn "left" 2
		-attachForm makeControl_btn  "right" 2
		-attachNone makeControl_btn "bottom" 
		-attachControl wide_afs "top" 2 makeControl_btn
		-attachForm wide_afs "left" 2//WHY IT IS NOT ALIGNED AT LEFT???
		-attachForm wide_afs "right" 2
		-attachNone wide_afs "bottom" 
		-attachControl depth_afs "top" 2 wide_afs
		-attachForm depth_afs "left" 2//WHY IT IS NOT ALIGNED AT LEFT???
		-attachForm depth_afs "right" 2
		-attachNone depth_afs "bottom" 
	showWindow rh_fkTool_v01_wn;



Look at the columnWidth command…

attrFieldSliderGrp /*-attribute todefine*/ -l "wide" -min 0.1 -max 100 -cw4 50 50 300 1 wide_afs;


Ok.Thank you Norb.I forgat abour that flag,thinking that it has something to do with the formLayout.:banghead:


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