why my not transparent/refractive objects become semi transparent when i add lights?


I work in 3dmax 2010 and mentalray

The scene setup goes like this:

I have a simple box, each side has a different ID, when i add multisub object material with arch&design materials to the sides with different reflection settings and textures to drive glossiness/reflecion color/bump and add couple of lights the sides of the box become kind of semi transparent, when i render the front of the box, i can see the other side of the box in the black parts of the front side’s reflection. when i turn off the lights everything is fine, when i add standard material (not arch&design) it is also fine. I think it has something to do with reflections, when 2 reflections on multisub object are calculated on top of each other they are visible through the mesh. But i can be wrong, if so, please correct me and help me find a solution to this problem.


It’s hard to say without seeing an image. My thoughts just from what you’ve said is either the diffuse of the material is too high and overriding the transparency or your trace depth isn’t high enought somewhere.


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