why motionbuilder and not messiah


just wondering why is it that motionbuilder got the plugin to be able to be used in lets say motion analysis’ software and not messiah? i asked them (pmG) if they develop the plugin and the email stated that motion analysis is the one to develop it. should we as a community email them (motion analysis) asking for a plugin or am i the only one ? i mean you could still use the motion capture data, and usually only the big houses use mb pro. i personally would buy messiah with this option, i may not be a die hard pmg user…not to say i don’t love messiah cause i do. i don’t know…it just seems to be a good idea…
just thought i’d throw it out there…:hmm:



I kind of doubt you would get much interest in an integrated motion capture solution for Messiah. Messiah’s strenghts are in its ability to animate characters by hand and hence. . . thats the kind of user that is attracted to it. Motion Builder’s strenghts lie in its ability to clean up motion capture data so thats the kind of user/developer that is attracted to it.


Actually, Motionbuilder is pretty nice for hand keyed character animation also in addition to its great Mocap tools. But as with most software it has some things that drive me crazy too.


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