why mesh smooth mess up all model


i have problem with mesh smooth modifyer…

if i make a car model and i apply the mesh smooth with 1 irritation standart all the car body
get messed up why?

i even tryed to deatach the parts and apply invidual but still if i apply to the car body it mess up all modell and get ugly :frowning:

anyone has same problem with mesh smooth? any soulotion?


Hard to say.
Post an image or the file.


this is a model i made without mesh smooth ok

if i apply mesh smooth to this model it will messup (change the all body to another shape)
it will get lot og ugly hols and stuff i don’t wnat. that windows get 3 sided to another form…


What`s your experience with subdivision modeling?

You can read about it in this interesting thread:


Maybe it has all kind of errors(double Edges and faces, spikes ect.) Check for that.
Try “keep faces konvex” in the settings rollout of the meshsmooth-modifier.

Sorry i know this is not much of a help…


Can you show us a pic with it all messed up? that would help a bit…


Yeah MGernot hit the nail on the head.

:hint: Look at the illustration on page 40. :thumbsup:

Good model so far, just need to tighten up the edges a bit. Very noticable in the front wheel wells. Also try it with 2 iterations after you clean up those edges, I find 2 to work better for a smoother surface on mechanical components.



I think i found root of the problem .
i use to many polygon that it i must reduce if i want apply meshsmooth i must think to
not making many polygon and clean up that …
i not tryed subdivision modeling i think it good for making organig like human body but for car i use other teknik…
thx for all your replays…

i made a mb190 car and i could not apply meshsmooth to it becuse it changed all the look
so i had to leave it be mb190.jpg
if i applyed meshsmooth it will look better but to late.

ah i allways use box modeling and add detail without se of meshsmoot some part i can apply but … another metod i like and use is using plane and convert it to editble mesh and i extrude makin my car body some thig like this modeling metod
i used this teknik to make my mb190 but when i applyed meshsmooth i messet up all body so i did not apply i had to many edjes and polygon i guss…

for making car using speline or plane is best or is other ways you use to make car?
i tryed speline modeling but cut not get surface modifyer work …
my favorite teknik for making cars is using a simple plane and convert it to edible mesh and extrude… what more teknik is there to making car?

if you want meshsmooth work good make sure you not have many polygons exampel:



Edit: Agreed to a point, how many polys does not matter, just that you have enough edges to properly define your corners when the mesh smooth is applied is all that matters. :thumbsup:

Good luck to you!

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Try to use quads (four sided polys) as far as possible as meshsmooth only really works properly with them. Triangles and five sided polys are ok here and there, but don’t have them next to each other or the surface will distort.

Also make sure you’ve welded all the vertices together. If you get holes, then that’s usually why.

To keep the curves tight you need to have two edges near each other.

Bear these things in mind and you’ll get much better results.


yeah you righ i must weld all vertex and make sure not have many hols
Techniques I Techniques II

this guy has made this super car and i must say this is best 3d model car i ever seen
he have applyed meshsmooth and it work great over his model he has hole in headlight
varning over 3 mb image if you click this link 

enjoy images...

splines modeling and meshsmooth ruls…


Hi stdriver

The mesh smooth modifier averages out your surfaces so its not really messing the model up and there are many instances where you will want just that effect. You have to model with this in mind. Like someone said you can add an edge close to where you want your surface to change direction, by adjusting the distance between the two edges you can govern how sharp the edge will be. You can camfer an edge, extrude it or bevel it and if you want an extreme sharp edge you can do these operations numerically in a roll out, so infintesimal that you almost can’t see the distance between the edges.

Another way is to use smoothing groups which is very usefull if you want your polycount low.

These are very fundimental operations where poly modelling is concerned (unlike spline modelling where you can peak and adjust alphas and gamas of control points) and extremely important to get the hang of so I rekon you should do a couple of tutorials to get the feel of this or it will be impossible to get the shapes you want.


after many hour reading and doing and practicing i can’t still make a car with the teknikspline modeling
the problem is when i apply surface modefier it will not show the surface becuse it must be 4 sided polygon vertx this make me crazy i tryed alot (i know i have force 2 sided) but still no luck that is why this make me angry and i can’t make a perfect car with curves so i must use boxmodelling that has limits… grrrrr and the bigest problem was meshsmooth if you make a car with windows and u apply meshsmooth on it it messup al border around the window this make me more angry… this 2 problem will make my models ugly and i will have limit add more detail.

i found Tutorial - Boxmodeling a car


Yes you will have problems if you try to make a meshsmoothed car using splines. Spline modelling is a different way to make smoothed models. If you want to use meshsmooth you pretty much have to make the low res cage from polygons. You can’t control the quad faces as easily with splines.

That tutorial looks pretty good. If you follow that and understand why he does those things, you’ll get off to a much better start.

Good luck.


Hi stdriver

Ok,… with splines in 3d max you have to convert to a mesh and smooth anyhow. Splines have to have 3, 4 but not 5 points and to be visible you have to apply a surface modifier, then sometimes you have to flip your patch normals for the mat you have made to be visible.

All that is actually not that important, these things you can find out later. What I am getting here is that you are starting out with modelling and reading alone will not help you.

The absolutly fastest way to progress is to do the 3dmax tutorials for beginners FIRST! I have been modelling in 3d for 8 years now but I have just started with 3dMax and I started with the first tutorials that came with the package but because I have done a lot of modelling and animation I just got through them a little faster. I don’t love doing tutes but when I need to know about an aspect of Max I do a tutorial becuse it shows how to achieve what I want and often I will go back to that tutorial when I have forgotten something.

The box tutorial you found on the car is excelent and it is clear to see how the author uses edges if you know what to look for.

Do the beginner tutorials first then go and do the car tute and use poly mesh.

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