Why Maya cannot handle large quantity of objects?


Trying to make a wall of crates in different configurations Maya stalled with it. The same scene brought to Cinema 4D was a breeze. It seems that Maya with imported obj files have this kind of problems.


It would appear that you’re going about it inefficiently. I’ve had no problem pushing millions, even billions of objects through Maya and rendering them.

There are a couple of techniques which can help you, so research these:

  1. Instancing - creates an “instance” or kind of ghost-duplicate of your initial object. They share the Shape node of the initial object, but have separate Transform nodes. This means you can translate, rotate, or scale the instances seperately, and this method is widely used for plants, rocks, etc. when populating a large scene. This is how you would do YOUR scene, since all the crates are identical and most of the flags. This is also how C4D is able to handle so many objects. Here’s an example, an art piece I did for fun awhile back:

(this scene had around 25 billion polys at rendertime, almost all of the objects are imported .obj files)

  1. Referencing - This technique is similar to Instancing, but instead you “reference” an actual file on your computer, which brings in a Reference node and Transform node. It’s otherwise just like Instancing, the chief difference being that if you change or update the file-object being referenced, it will update in Maya at rendertime too.

  2. Assemblies - similar to #1 and #2, just a different mechanism and I believe this is tied to the renderer you’re using. mental ray, in my case. Most people now use Arnold however, and it may not have a similar technique.