why is this proc executing?


hey everyone,
i’m a little confused about this - hoping someone can help me out here.

I have a window, and i want to use the iconTextButtons (which I’ve never used) in this UI. FaceSwap is a seperate global proc, but for some reason, when I source the script and try to run the GUI proc, it automatically runs the FaceSwap proc. I want it to generate the window and only execute the global proc when the button is clicked. anyone have any clue why this proc is automatically executing without me calling it?

  window FaceSwapWin;
  columnLayout -adjustableColumn true;
  	iconTextButton -label "Base" -style "iconAndTextHorizontal" -image1 "FaceSwapUI.bmp" -mh 3 -h 70 -c FaceSwap("base");


-c FaceSwap(“base”);

-c “FaceSwap(“base”)”;

and let all of your dreams come true


wow. what a silly oversight.



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