Why is merging vertices merging them to centre?


Hi, sure there is a basic answer to this, does anyone know why when im merging two border edges of a cylinder vertices are merging to centre?
Just for info part of geo is converted from a nurb, and have tried merging to nurbs to poly cylinder, connected when still nurbs, but detatched on conversion. and have tried making new poly cylinder.
Every time i merge verts are merging to centre? any ideas? Can post picture if it helps.


What program?


maya - sorry, used to posting in Maya specific forums


Maya merges to center by default. If you don’t want it to, use the Merge Vertex Tool, instead of standard merge.


Try lowering the merge distance. With history on, a vertex merge will create a node called “polyMergeVert1” or something. Select that node in the Attribute Editor and there you will find the distance slider.


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